Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekly Challenge

Morning all,

Sunday is here again and time to announce a new 
Weekly Challenge!
I'm sure it was only five minutes ago that I was trying
to think of something for last week.
We have had some lovely entries so far!

So what is it going to be this week then?
Well, we have featured Wreaths over the last week
so I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of
Circle and Flower(s)
Ok, it can be a complete circle or an open ring, the 
flower(s) need to decorate it somehow!
One flower, two flowers how ever many you want, usually 
better to have an odd number.

You know the rules, one week, entries will close at
midnight Sunday 26th July.
Entries, as many as you like, via the link or if
you are unable to use the link, email your pic to
and I will add them for you!
A £10 voucher will be the prize for the winning entry
picked by Mr Random Generator and announced
on Tuesday 28th July.

Good luck everyone,

I'll see you Tuesday with news of our latest winner!

Jane x

And this one from Linda 49 sent to me on Saturday....


  1. That sounds a good one Jane.....I am in Bristol after a family weeding and I have the day off work tomorrow so it will be fun to make something. Happy Sunday x

  2. Hmmmm, hmmmm, uh, hmmmmmmm....... Is it Halloween yet?? Feeling very 'weeny. Nothing to do with anything but thought I'd share. Hugz

  3. I hope its ok that I have done Circles (s) and flower instead of Circles and flower (s)?????? xxx

  4. Thank you for a fun challenge and wonderful inspirations Karen


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