Saturday 1 August 2015

Calendar Challenge - August

Morning all,

Here we are again, happy weekend everyone!

So, it is now August and it should be summertime here in
the UK......hmmm think someone forgot to tell the sun!
Let's see if the prediction of a scorching August actually

For those of you who are participating in the 
Calendar Challenge, are you ready for your two 
new words??

Oh yes I've just looked them up, this is
going to be a good one....for me anyway....

Pink and Butterflies

I really liked June's Lavender and Dragonflies
and this is great too.

There are no pics at the moment for you from the DT,
both a little under the weather, so you are on your own 
for this one......can you cope??.....course you can!

So, you know the rules I'm sure by now.
You have one month, as many entries as you like
via the link where possible, if you can't use the 
link, email your pics to me at
The link will close at midnight on Mon 31st August.

Please don't feel you can't take part if you haven't already
posted any pictures for this challenge.  You are very
welcome to join in but cannot be forward into the
final challenge if you haven't entered every month.

The winner will be picked by the Random Generator
and announced on Thursday 3rd September.
There will be a £10 voucher for the winner.

Oh my goodness that is scary....September......
back to school, darker evenings, frosts, winter and...
........Christmas........oh no not already?

I'll be back tomorrow with a new Weekly Challenge.
Enjoy your weekend.

Jane x

Just adding some beautiful pictures from DT 
member Dawn...


  1. Great challenge, can't wait to start, looove butterflies

  2. Superb! I too loved the dragonfly one, but I will try to make this one slightly different. Tho' I cannot promise, if inspiration fails me ;)
    Hope the DT get well soon :D

  3. Awwww, just realised I have dropped the ball and missed gettjng my July page made and posted. Well, you did remind us so totally my bad. It's just been crazy busy. Ah well, just need to do two this month LOL Hugz

  4. Interesting, that all the pictures have been mixed up (at least now when I opened this page), links seem to work so that my name leads to my posts, but the pic above my name is not what is behind the link... Well, it's over already, was just thinking to take a looksie at other peoples entries :)

    1. Is it still mixed up for you Kristiina?? When i look at them they are ok?
      Jane x


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