Friday, 7 August 2015

House Mouse - Jane Collman

Morning all,

Welcome to a new week on the blog, projects wise 
that is.  
I've given Neil the week off as we are featuring 
House Mouse
and that really isn't his 'thing' haha!!
So hopefully he will be back with us next week 
and I'm afraid you will have to put up with me instead!!

Well I love House Mouse and I'm so glad
we have got them back in the shop again and they
are perfect for a nice afternoon sitting colouring-in!!
What could be better??

So today I have picked a Christmassy stamp although
it could be used for birthdays etc.

Ok, so for this project we are going to use Copics.
Don't forget to use the right card and ink.
I do find Memento ink best as it dries quickly and doesn't
bleed with your alcohol markers.

Begin by colouring in the mouse, I have shown you the
colours that I have used. Start with the lighter colours and
add the darker, blending with your lighter shade.
There is not a lot of blending to do on the mouse! 

I decided to make my parcels red and green.
Again, start with the lighter shades and build up with the 
darker, in the shadows but then blend with the
 lighter colour.  On my classes I am often asked where
do I put the shade? On these stamps it is easy, you
find they have lots of little dots in certain
areas, that is where your shade is.  They have done it 
for you so all you have to do is colour those areas 
with your darker shades!

Keep going with your parcels, working on one 
at a time.

Finish colouring in your parcels, you will see there
are a couple of areas where I have gone over the lines!!
It happens......everyone does it!
This is when you use your blender pen to 'push' 
the offending bit of ink back into your parcel.
Darker colours are always a little harder and may take
a couple of goes leaving it to dry in between.

When you are done, it is time to start your

This is where your greys are so useful.
I really love the greys, I use them all the time, on
this project I used the W's, warm greys as my
red and green parcels were warm colours as 
opposed to cool...blues.
I've used the W4 next to the image and then 
blended it out using the lighter greys and
a blender pen if required.  

Mount on to red and green card before attaching to a base
card.  Finish by adding a little Stickles
to the snowy base and parcels to highlight them!

Sit back and admire your colouring.

I haven't added a greeting to this card but it would 
be easy to add a stamp or peel-off of your choice.

If you want to have a go, this is what
you'll need.....


Well that's all for today, 
I'll be back again tomorrow with another project.

Jane x


  1. Fabulous Jane !! House Mouse is very much my thing !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Fabulous colouring Jane and it gives the card such dimension, it's gorgeous :)

  3. What a cute card Jane, fab colouring skills as usual x

  4. Wow that is gifts galore! Lovely card - brilliant colouring xxx

  5. Thanks everyone, I do like to colour, so this was a good one for me!!
    Jane x


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