Saturday, 12 September 2015

Make your own Mask/Stencil - Dawn Heald


Happy Weekend again everyone!

Hope you are going to do something nice
although I don't think BBQ's are going to be a 
good idea!!

Well, it is day 2 of our making your own
Mask/Stencil week.  I'm sure you will find they
are quite easy to have a go at and our DT
are showing you two very different ways 
of making one.
Do have a go and let us know how you
get on....we love to know!!

So, Dawn is here with us today to show you 
what she has been up to!

Hello Crafty friends, For our topic this week
 it was a case of what technique shall I
 choose. So many different ways of
 creating your own stencils and masks. 
I decided to make mine using my glue gun. 
I got carried away and made a huge pile.
 This way I got used to the glue gun and drawing with it. 

I do have the pink Stix 2 glue gun but couldn't 
find my refills so I used my large one. 

Things to remember when using hot glue gun
 to draw with, besides don't burn yourself,
use something heatproof underneath.

Flat surface will mean your stencil bottom will 
be flat and place lovely on your surface

Do some test squiggles as I found if my gun
 was at its maximum and been sat a few
 minutes the glue came out bubbling and the
 glue lines spread out.

Hold Tip away from surface like icing a cake.
 The glue will follow the direction you go in.
If you want, draw your design and place baking
 paper or similar on top. This is what I did for
 my main design today.
Use with paints, inks, sprays, any colouring
 medium, it works and it's washable
 too. I tested this part.

So onto my project. I've decorated the Frisbees
 that are on the website. Yes they work 
fabulous and the paint didn't bleed or spread 
out. At a bargain price this is a fun
 substrate to work with.
Take your glue gun and when it's heated,
 have a practice play first.
I had drawn my main design just freehand and 
put underneath some baking paper. Following 
the design I copied over it with the glue gun.

Next I got out various colours of Pebeo Fabric
 suede effect paints and used stencil brushes
 to stencil with.

 I was bit heavy handed but
 wasn't worried about the less than

 perfect outcome. I filled in the white parts 
with the dark Turquoise paint.

 Left to dry and voila, all done.

Products used -

Non Stick Crafting Sheet

What a brilliant project.  Thank you Dawn
and thank you for all the good tips on using
a glue gun.  Do have a go!

I'll be back tomorrow with out new
Weekly Challenge......
hmmmm.......wonder what that will be??

Jane x


  1. Not sure I could get the kind of results you did Dawn but it's a brilliant idea for DIY stencils! And the design is superb too...

    1. Thank you, but do have a go, it's easy once you get going and a feel for the glue gun, it's not going to be perfect images but so much fun and useful too oh and addictive lol do have a try x

  2. Wow, your glue gun stencils are fabulous! So is your project, love the colours! xxx


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