Saturday, 24 October 2015

Halloween Week - Dawn Heald

Happy Weekend everyone,

What are you all up to I wonder??
Getting ready for Half Term?
Can't believe that has come around 
so soon!

Is it tonight the clocks go back??
Yay an extra hour in bed!

Ok, our last post of the week is from
Dawn.  This is an amazing card
for you!!

Dawn says....

I've made a diamond top fold card. 
These are simpler to make than at first look.
 Once you've made one it's easy going. 
I've included a photo of how to and tried
 to explain best I can. So do have a go.
 It's one of my favourites to make
 and little equipment needed.
You can mark with pencil lines but just
 scoring lines from measurements
 is sufficient.

Take A4 piece of card. (21cm across)
Position with short edge at
 top in portrait position.

Across top and bottom short edge 
measure 10.5cm and join up lines
 with ruler and scorer.
From top measure down 10.5cm on 
each long edge. Join up marks

From the last mark made on both long 
edges.  Measure down 7.6cm and mark.
Next, go to your score lines where they 
meet like a cross shape and from this 
point measure down the centre line and 
mark 3.5cm.
Next place one end of your ruler on
 the 7.5cm mark and swing it up to the
 3.5cm mark and score line between
 the two marks. 
The picture shows the way to fold. But 
basically the cross shape  is mountain folds
 and the slanted V shape are valley folds.

 To make card you then push up from 
the bottom and fold the top over 
this as you push.

Stamp and colour Wiz stamp. Die cut 
spiders and Web and attaching card.
 Add some black glitter on webs to finish.

Wow, love this, it's a long time
since i made one of these shaped cards...
must do it again as it looks so nice!!

Products used -

Thank you Dawn,

I'll be back tomorrow with 
our new challenge!

See you then,

Jane x


  1. Brilliant tutorial, I do want to try! Love the wizard image and how you coloured it too, lovely Halloween make Dawn!

  2. A wonderful card and tutorial, thank you Dawn!! Coco x


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