Friday, 16 October 2015

Impression Obsession - Neil Walker


Welcome to a new week here on the blog,
the last week with our bricks and mortar 
shop!  Sad isn't it??
If you are around on Sunday, please pop 
in and see us, I think most of us will be there
for the last day.

Ok, this week we are going to focus on 
Impression Obsession - Cover a Card stamps
click here for details.

 Neil has been playing with 
some of the stamps to make some lovely
 papers for his Mini Album.

Just have a look at this ..... 

These stamps are perfect for creating layered
 background papers. 
Using your stamp almost like a printing plate.

Begin by sliding your ink pad (Orange Blossom)
 over the stamp (this gives you the look of a
 second generation stamped image on your
 first stamp) Lay your card onto the stamp
 and press down to transfer the ink. Repeat
 to get a further print which will be pretty faded.

Ink up the second stamp with the same ink
 (Orange Blossom) and pull a print over
 your second faded print from the first sheet.

Ink up the same image with Watering Can 
ink. Use a piece of paper towel to wipe 
off the ink from the pumpkins and re printer card.

You can see how the grey dulls down the
 background and allows the pumpkins
 to stand out.

Take another piece of white card and pull 
a print of your image in Dandelion. Re ink
 the stamp with Jet Black and re print, moving
 your card slightly off centre to create
 a shadow effect.

Ink up your stamp with Fern Green ink.

Wipe back some of the ink from the stamp
 with paper towel.

Taking the first card you printed, press your 
card onto the stamp as seen. Then press
 the corners of the card onto the stamp
 to fill the corners again.

The end result is a random distressed
 patterned card.

Ink up a strip of the second stamp with
 jet black. Wipe the edges of the stamp 
with paper towel and press your card to transfer.

Stamp the pumpkins in Cobalt. Stamp over 
with the second stamp in Watering Can.

Ink up the edges of the background stamp
 with Fern Green. Fade out the edges 
with paper towel and print.

By experimenting will colour combos
 and layering you will have a pile of 
gorgeous pattered card for you to use, 
you can die cut them, used them as backgrounds
 on cards too, or, like me, you could used
 them as the basis for a mini album giving
 you a co ordinated look to your project.

Lovely papers Neil and perfect for a mini album!

If you fancy having a go, this is what 
Neil used -

Impression Obsession - Cover a Card Stamp
- Ornate Floral
Impression Obsession - Cover a Card Stamp
- Halloween
A4 White Stamping Card
Archival Ink - Watering Can
Archival Ink - Dandelion
Archival Ink - Orange Blossom
Archival Ink - Jet Black
Archival Ink - Fern Green
Archival Ink - Cobalt 

So, tomorrow I'll be back
with a project from Dawn!

See you then,

Jane x

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  1. I love the Cover A Card stamps and combining them for layered backgrounds. In fact I have the Ornate stamp which is both classic and beautiful....
    I am indeed sad about the shop as the Craft Barn has been my go to craft shop for years and even before Sandy took over. No more browsing, no more demos... how will I get my crafting fix? Very sad...


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