Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Apologies  again!

Huge apologies for not announcing the winners
 this morning.....storm Imogen is to blame! 
We had a one huge flash of lightning amid the 
wind and rain and goodbye Internet!!

I am using a hotspot to quickly write this but
hope to be back with you ASAP.

Jane x


  1. Ah yes, that little monkey (Imopgen) breezed through here yesterday!

    Take care


  2. Oh you poor thing Jane I hope all gets back to normal soon x

  3. On no, how frustrating hope you manage to get sorted soon x

  4. Keep safe we had Imogen yesterday. No problem I am sure we all understand.
    Crafty hugs Pen x

  5. Nature rules!! Sorry to hear you got zapped. We have lost two routers to lightning. We unplug now if there is a storm forecast, or often if there isn't cos you just can't trust thd forecasts anymore. Hope you are dry and safe. Hugz


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