Thursday, 4 February 2016

Help Needed.....

Good Morning,

Hope you are all well!
I need some help here please from you
clever ladies.  I've had a couple of questions
about posting here on the link and as I
have not had to do it, I am not able to help!
I am hoping you will have all the answers....

Question 1 -

Do you need a blog to use the link?

Question 2 - 

Both my pictures that I have entered into the
 challenge have come out sideways on your blog 
 which is very frustrating. Today’s picture didn’t
 even show the whole picture and left my Q 
word from the bottom off, even though in the
 thumbnail on the linkup it was there! 

(Is this because this lady does not have a blog?)

Question 3 -

I've set up a blog site and made two posts.
The second is the Challenge post.
When I click on the button, I see the menu 
and input the URL of my blog, my user name and 
this email address.  I don't see anything come
up under blog.  I've then tried to upload the
original photo from my computer.  It goes
on your blog and I've appeared as no. 23.
However, when I then try to click on the link,
it takes me to my blogging home page, not my 
blog page.  

Ok, anybody out there knows whats going 
wrong here??
I'm sure you do and can help cos you are much
cleverer at this technology stuff than me!

Any comments would be gratefully received.

Thank You

See you tomorrow,

Jane x


  1. No you don't have to have a blog, but you do have to upload your project to an online site be it flicker, photobox or another site that has somewhere where you can show your work. I have never had a problem with sideways photos but I know some do but if I upload a DL shape card like my butterfly card you only see the middle on although when you are uploading it is all there but if you click on it and it takes you back to your blog or where ever you have uploaded to it will be ok. To get to the actual blog of your project...not the whole of your on the title of your project so that when it comes up in the URL it is just that post. Your whole blog will end in .com or UK but an actual post will end with the title of the blog post. For example .com/butterfly card......
    I hope this makes sense....and will help your new entrant!!!!

  2. More about question 3. While you write the blog text, you open (on a new leaf) the Craft Barn challenge post so you can copy the url to make a link in your text. When you have published your post, click "show blog" and click the title of your blog post to be able to copy the actual post url to add to the linkup (that's easy to find if you still have the other leaf open on your browser, if I'm linking to several, I have each open after creating links the other way, and just go through the line).
    Another way to get your post url is the "permalink" on the right hand side of the blogging page, then you don't necessarily have to go and look at your post to see your url, just copy it from there (but remember to publish the post, of course)

  3. I may be wrong Jane but I think for the specific Ininkx link up which you use for the challenge you do need to have a blog. There are other types of link ups where you don't have to have a blog but for this particular one I think you do? Jackie is spot on re needing to put the specific post heading not the blog into the URL. I can't see why the photos are coming out sideways but photos do get cropped. Hope that helps xx

  4. 1) No, you don't need a blog. You can choose to upload from your pc or link to Instagram or any other site if you have the URL of the photo.
    In this case one would enter the Craft Barn URL in the link field at the top . (Of course there will be no explanation available of how the project has been done)
    2) The Linkup doesn't change the picture's orientation. If it comes sideways it's because it IS originally sideways.
    I don't know about the thumbnail cropping changing... it's never happened to me.
    Which leads me to believe this is trying to link-up from a phone's pictures.
    3)First make sure the posts are "published" rather than just "saved". Second make sure the URL linked is the URL for the actual post (in this case the second) that is entered, not the general address of the blog.
    There is a help function on the linkup that you can read here.
    Hope this helps!

    1. I too had problems with my first blog challenge entries where I was linking the entry to my blog... not to my blog page. :( One learns with the help of fellow bloggers.

      You are right in all that you say Craftyfield.

      Crafty hugs Pen x

  5. Craftyfield is correct with what she says about 1)not needing a blog but you wont get any comments re. the entry as there will be no posting to go to.
    I think she is right about 2)You need to check when you save the photo that it is not sideways when you take it if so it needs turning before linking. Sometimes when you open a photo on your computer it shows it the right way up although in reality it is sideways and will still be if you link it.
    Hope that makes sense X

  6. Could the problem with the photo be that it too big, I was told by a friend to always reduce the photo size before uploading.

  7. As long as you have a url address you should be able to link up your photo. I know there are stamp forums you can join and upload photos such as splitcoast stampers. If you don't have a blog then may I suggest you make one. Blogger is dead easy to use. I hesitated for a long time but it's easy and fun and I love blogging. You don't have to write witty essays. Just load your photo, if that's what you want, but it does make it easier to leave comments I think.

    Don't see why linky would rotate photo's, unless like craftyfield says you are loading from a phone and have the orientation wrong. But it doesn't really matter cos that's only the thumbnail. The link is important cos that will take us straight through to your project.

    If you link and your thumbnail isn't showing try refreshing, or if linky freezes close the page and come in again. Often the link is there.

    I think what shows in your thumbnail depends on the size of your photo. You can of course choose to crop instead of just adding, then you can choose which bit you want in the thumbnail. The time it takes to reduce the size of the photo is well worth the time saved uploading. It may also save your readers time as maybe your blog page loads faster. If you don't have a photo handling program try picmonkey. Great tutorial here Hugz

  8. Me again!! You can download your image from other sources than using a url. Click the blue linky button. If you look below the first three lines on the linky there are 4 options image upload. Click around and see what happens. I know I have used these in the past when linky refused to show the photo I wanted, or if you want to add a photo that isn't on your blog. It happens!! You still need to add a url though so we can find you. Hugz

  9. I don't have a blog but send my challenges via Pinterest. No problems and very easy !!!!!!

  10. Thank you to every one who has taken the trouble to provide answers to the questions that Jane kindly posed today. One of the questions was mine! There are lots of things here for me to try out. I'm pretty convinced my photos are rather large in size for a start. I'm determined to become a whizz at this, so thanks again to fellow crafters for your generosity in providing guidance. Best wishes, Anne O x


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