Saturday, 12 March 2016

Circles - Dawn Heald

Hi everyone,

Sorry to bring this project to you 
so late today, but I reckon it
is definitely worth waiting for!!

Dawn has made us this gorgeous 
card and due to her problems with
Google this week, I didn't receive it!
Add to that my deceased laptop and
having to work on my new Apple one,
well, I'm sorry but we are here at last!
My problem was mainly due to resizing
the photos to put on here, I always
thought you had to make them small
in size which is what I always do
but I haven't done it here as I just
 haven't worked out how to do it and it
seems to be fine!  
Question to all you you
worry about what size your photos
are before putting them on here??

Ok, so let's carry on here...

Dawn says -

I love circles and wanted to show some
 ideas for creating a Bokeh effect with 
your papercrafting. You could also use 
other shapes like stars, hearts and squares
 having a few different sizes of that shape.
To make your shapes either use a stencil
 like I have or make your own from punches 
and dies. It's addictive once you get going.
 Another thing is you can use lots of the 
shape or just a sprinkling of them. 
Experiment and have fun.
My main card features different coloured 
Pigment ink on a plain white background.
I've also shown two further samples where
 I've made a coloured background using distress
 inks. One uses a white Pigment ink for the
 Bokeh Effect and the other White paint.

To make the card -

Take card blank and mask the edges off 
edges with masking tape.
Stamp your images onto card blank. 
Stamp again on paper or sticky notes to
 make some masks. Place masks onto
 stamped images. 

Use circles stencil and Neon Inks over 
the card blank to create your Bokeh Effect. 

Move the circles stencil around 
to fill as much as liked.

Remove tape and masks. Colour images with 
colored Pencils.

Doodle a border with black
 pen and add some white gel pen details.
Add some round buttons to finish.

Products Dawn used -


  1. Fun card. I always resize my images now, mostly because of the time they take to load. I always used to just load them up but it could take ages, so now I resize. Maybe my pages load faster as well. But mostly it's cos it saves time. Hugz

  2. Great card. Love the bright colours. I don't resize my photos for my blog. I just crop them and upload them the size they are. Then I click on each photo and select 'large', which seems the perfect size. Mine seem to upload really quickly. xx

  3. Beautiful bokeh effect Dawn!
    I also resize for upload reasons and also because I have heard that blogger has a maximum storage for a blog's photos and if you go over that it drops the old photos. Not sure if this is still true but photos don't need to be that big (in file size) to look OK on screen.

  4. Wow, I love this card - such lovely bright colours - I have never seen this effect before, will try and have a go, although I'm not very good at getting a clean look, that's why I don't make cards very often!

  5. Thank you for your comments re resizing, I think there is a reason for making them smaller but couldn't quite remember, will need to look into Apple more closely!
    On a brighter note....I googled my laptop problem and it is called 'the black screen of death'!! I did what they said and managed to get back on there last night so have now saved everything I need incase it goes again!!
    Jane x


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