Thursday, 5 May 2016

Hot Melt Glue - Dawn Heald


Woohoo, what lovely weather we are having
here in the south, warm and sunny and
perfect for all that washing we have to do....
don't you love the smell when it's dried

So, this week we are concentrating on
how to use Hot Melt Glue.  
To kick the week off we have Dawn!

Over to Dawn.....

Hi there, this week I've made a larger
 project. When doing these I tend to
 split them into sections to make then 
put them all together. Here I've recycled
 some packaging into a folder.

I love using hot glue to make stencils and 
masks with, and this time I've also
 used the actual hot glue Stencil on the project too.

Part one. Making the folder....

I took the cardboard packaging, folded it
 into the shape a wanted it, cutting off
 any pieces I didn't want. Then to neaten
 the edges I used masking tape to stick
 the sides together and along the single edges. 
Next I glued torn book pages all over both
 sides. Left to dry and put under some
 heavy books to flatten.
Then I used some gesso, water and brown
 paint mixed together to paint a base all
 over both sides. Left to dry.

Part two - Stamped Images...

Make a mask by Stamping and
 cutting out image on plain paper.
Next I stamped a lot of the Woodware
 Flowers In A Row stamp in rows. Masking
 where needed.  Cutting around each top
 of the image, for the front each
 row getting shorter each time.
I coloured the images in first with pens then
 over the top with pencil. This way I knew
 when I added Antique Linen Distress
Ink over the whole pieces, the
 coloured would resist the ink.

Part three - The Hot Glue Stencil/Mask...

I do it this way. You can easily just use a
 heat proof mat if not using a drawing
 to copy from.
Draw out your design in pencil then
 go over with black marker pen.
Tape this to your glass cutting mat or
 heatproof surface. Then lay over the top
 of it with a piece of parchment/non
 stick baking paper.
Heat up glue gun, with spare glue sticks to
 hand, have a practice run first to get
 used to the flow and glue spread etc.
Then use the glue gun like a pen and draw
 over your lines to make your stencil.
 Leave to cool and harden.
It's not going to be perfect. You can trim
 any parts you want to when cooled.

Part four - Putting it all together ...

I used my hot glue Stencil and paints to
 decorate both sides of the folder. On one
 side I outlined with Pencils.
Then I Painted the actual Hot Glue Stencil. I
used Satin Varnish on both sides of the
 folder. Let dry. I then added another pocket
 from plain card, I was going to attach a
 drawing pad on this side but changed my mind.
Then I glued on my stamped images and
 Hot Glue Stencil. Finish off with some
 gilding wax around all the edges and
 over the hot glue piece. X     

Well, how fabulous is this??
Another great idea for a gift!

Products Dawn used -

 Mulberry, Tikka, Butternut, Cheesecake, Zesty Zing

From own stash - cardboard packaging, baking paper

Check out the website too for
coloured Hot Glue sticks

Right, that is me done for today!
See you tomorrow,

Jane x

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  1. Your stencil is fantastic, I am amazed at how well you draw with a glue gun! Love the re-purposing of the cardboard folder, I've got a few waiting in the wings...


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