Friday, 6 May 2016

Hot Melt Glue - Neil Walker

Good morning all,

Hope you are all well and it's nearly
the weekend again!!  Hope you all 
have something nice planned!

Well it is day two of our Hot
Glue week.  Neil is here to show you
another way of using it.  As well
as being an excellent almost instant adhesive,
there are other uses for this product....

Neil has chosen to use glue as a resist on
a cotton bag...... 

Take one cotton bag... 

Draw your design on the bag using hot glue

Spray over the top using Misters... 

Pick the glue off 

Hey presto...beautiful bag! 

How nice is that.....
I'd love to sit there picking all the bits
of glue off ha ha!!

If you want to have a go, this is what
Neil used -

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine,
I'll see you tomorrow,

Jane x

PS I apologise if this post is not centered,
for some unknown reason it is ok when I 
type it but when I preview it, the whole thing
is on the right hand side and won't let me change
it!!  So your eyes are not playing tricks
but hopefully it will be ok ha ha!! 


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