Friday, 9 December 2016



Hallo Everyone

Here we are and it is Friday again!


Crafty Field is with us today
to share her lovely project
with us, so sit back, relax
and enjoy

 I like Collage, so very arty don't you think? 
But rather than spend lots of time gluing beautiful papers on top of each other, 
I selected one of the many Collage stamps available to do the work for me.

This is a quick and easy way to get the look of collage... 
Of course I couldn't leave it at that 
and introduced one variable that made the process more messy 
but SO rewarding!

I used a stiff brush (hog hair/oil brush) to apply the powder to the stamp. 
Since there is no water or ink to hold the Brushos I press hard with the brush.

Now I spray water on the stamp, the finer the mist the better. 
Also to minimise the powders being blown away I try to let the 
water fall on the stamp and not spray directly on it.

This is the stamp after the first impression.
 It looks like there isn't enough powder doesn't it?
 And yet...

... see how many prints I did!

I first used watercolour paper and the prints in the photo are numbered
 in order of stamping. 

I did add a bit of powder each time 
but only on the areas that were a bit faint.

This is cold press paper and the grain is slightly too pronounced 
to render the beautiful detail of the stamp. 

I had to try with standard cardstock...
I cleaned the stamp completely 
before applying the powders as before.

 Those are the result on the cardstock. 

Note that I have not added any powder at all between impressions, 
just water, and obtained 4 decent prints

 (the central motif on the fifth one below is hardly visible).

I am now considering packaging the prints into a cards & envelope gift. 
Same design and yet each individual!

I finished one card with twine and a simple die cut with a sentiment
also by Crafty Individuals.


And it would be a lot more difficult to create the vivid look of the inks with inkpads... Yes, I tried!

I hope you like this project and if so, have a go, it is great fun!

Materials used:

Thank you Crafty Field

A different take on Collage 
but one that works very well
as a card

Catch you all tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Lovely effect, not a method I know but will definitely give it a try X

  2. Great effect and thanks will give this a try x

  3. Oh fantastic!!!!
    Thank you Christine for this great tutorial, the way you have played with your brushos and this gorgeous collage stamp is just amazing! xx


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