Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Hi everyone!

How're you doing today?

Pretty much a mixed feeling
time isn't it?  Sad that another
year is very nearly over but
looking forward to the New Year

Some of you may recall that a
while ago we used to have a
Wishing Well and I would like
to get it going again.

For those of you for whom the
previous paragraph is a complete
mystery, allow me to explain:

Have you ever bought a product
in all excitement having seen it
demonstrated but once home,
unable to recall why it was so 
appealing in the first place, or
what on earth to do with it?

Of course you have, indeed, we
have all experienced this dilemma
(some of us more than once!).

Well, worry not, help is at hand.
Let me know what it is that has you
flummoxed and I will run an
occasional Wishing Well
 post with the answer 

My email is
and I'm looking forward to hearing from

Just time to wish you a safe and
enjoyable Old Year's Night however you
spend it

'till tomorrow

Mickie xx 


  1. Sounds fun Mickie. We're nearly in Southampton seeing the new year in with our daughter and family. Happy new year...looking forward to more fun creativity xx


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