Thursday, 6 April 2017

Fanciful Plantation

Fanciful Plantation

Hi there!

Have a super quirky project
for you today - it is making
me smile all over my face......

Jane Castle is here to share
her take on this week's topic:

"Well what a wonderful title "Fanciful Plantation" 
it certainly got the creative juices flowing 
when I read it on the DT's list. 

Having made various cards of late I decided to 
go for something a little different this time!

The main part of the bag is made up from 
2 pieces of canvas measuring 20cm x 16cm each 
and then the handles and gusset are formed 
using 60% wool felt.

After cutting my canvas for the 2 sides of the bag 
I cut a piece of copier paper the same size and mapped 
out my design before spoiling any fabric 

I then proceeded to stamp the images onto the 
canvases using Archival inks.

Next came the fun part --- adding colour to the canvas. 
For this I used PaperArtsy Infusions, 
sprinkling a very small amount on at a time
 and spritzing with water. 

I gradually added very small amounts to areas 
and dabbing with kitchen paper when 
I had acheived the right colour blend. 

Once I was happy with the result I brushed the 
whole canvas with some matt medium. 

The 2 sides are slightly different 
but I think that adds to it's charm.

 I embellished the artwork with various beads 
before attaching the felt gusset. 

For this I cut a piece of felt 54cm x 6cm, 
rounded off the 2 bottom corners of the canvas 
and stitched the felt to one side

Before attaching the 2nd side I measured the
centre bottom of both the canvas and the felt 
so that everything was completely square. 

The opening around the top was lined with 
more felt and after this was machine stitched 
I added some hand embroidered blanket stitch 
using a matching embroidery thread.

The handles were made from 2 pieces of felt 
measuring 24cm x 5cm, folded in half 
lengthways and machine stitched. 

These were attached by hand as I was 
not sure whether my machine would have 
taken the 4 bulky layers.

The final touches ---- a wooden flower button 
sewn on the bag at the point where 
the handles join and a shrink plastic bird!

A hole was made in the plastic before 
it was shrunk so it could be attached with some thread.

The 2 sets of stamps used in this project are fab, 
everytime I get them out they make me smile 
and that's got to be good for you!"


PaperArtsy Infusions in Sage and Sunset Beach
Shrink Plastic
Archival Ink in Jet Black & Cornflower Blue
Artists Canvas
Wool Felt

Thank you Jane - love this bag

Now if you fancy a super quirky bag but
maybe don't have the needlework skills
to make this one; why not get a linen bag
from here and stamp on that?
Or, stamp the design on a piece of
canvas and attach that to a ready made
bag?  The possibilities are endless..........!

'Til tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Brilliant! Bags are so useful and to have one that looks so different is great fun. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. Really impressed you made your bag from scratch. I love the combination of felt and canvas xx

    1. Thanks Claire, once I got going the bag was a lot easier to make than I thought it might be, plus it made me smile while I was putting it together! X

  3. Love the scene, so cute, you have created Jane!!!
    Fantastic bag.
    I wish you and Everyone an Happy end of Easter!
    Corinne xx


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