Saturday, 8 April 2017

Fanciful Plantation

Fanciful Plantation

Hallo Everyone!

Here we are, Saturday and the
last of our Zinskys and Infusions
(aka Fanciful Plantation)  It has
been quite a saga this week and
Hazel Harler is bringing it to a
tremendous finale

"The more I looked at the Zinski characters 
the more I loved them and wish that 
I could have got more of them on my project.

I decided to use my A4 journal for my project
 and started by masking the edge of the page.

 I sprinkled Infusions on the page and sprayed with water.

I kept adding more colours and spraying 
with water, drying the page after each colour.

 I splattered some white paint over the page.

I stamped some of the background images 
onto the page then removed the masking tape. 
I also stamped the images onto white
 card and coloured them with coloured pencils

I cut out the coloured images and 
glued them to the page, then I doodled lines round the 
edge with a black marker and wrote the words 
with coloured pencil and a black marker.

 A close up of some of the characters."


Thank you Hazel, a super cool project
don't you agree Everyone?

I shall most definitely be doing this
one.  I can't decide at the moment
whether to hide it away in my journal
or make a picture to hang on the wall

Leave you with that

Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Wonderful journal page Hazel, these little characters are so jolly and inspiring---- you just have to use them again and again! X

  2. The more I see these the more I love them. Great project Hazel, love it. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  3. The fantastic world is great hazel
    How you do it the background and the figures draw on it .. thanks for the show!


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