Wednesday, 17 May 2017

About Town

About Town

Hallo Everyone!

Hope your week is going well
and you are ready for a little
light crafting................!

Jane Castle is here to get us
started with the new
Cityscape dies.......

"For my project today I decided to make 
a card for the boys and I have to say
I really enjoyed putting this one together.

It wasn't the easiest to photograph unfortunately
 but I think you will get the general idea of depth 
and movement as we proceed through the stages.

To begin with I started with a 15cm x 15cm 
card blank, place this on your work top so that 
the fold of the card is in front of you 
rather than on the lefthand side. 

Then about half way from the fold 
make a score line each side of about 5cm in length.

Join the 2 scores up with a shaped cut, 
I cut around a saucer using a craft knife. 

Then open and fold on the score lines only.

Now you have a card front that with stand up 
when opened but will still lay flat for placing in an envelope.

Then using the new Tim Holtz Thinlits Cityscapes dies
 I proceeded to cut various houses, trees, cars, washing etc.

If like me you have a box of small off-cuts of card 
that you think will come in useful one day -- 
Today is that day!!

I decided to put together several houses before 
assembling the card so I could try various combinations. 

Some parts are really quite tiny and I found 
when glueing together it was easier to squeeze 
some glue onto an acrylic block and dip the
 parts into the glue holding them with tweezers.

If any glue went inbetween the holes 
just a light tap on the side of the block 
seemed to remove it.

Although each house has it's own components 
it is easy and great fun to customize each one 
to your own liking.

Having assembled one of the cars I then 
had a moment of madness and made a 
shrink plastic smiling face for inside

For this I used the frosted shrink plastic 
and coloured the back with a dot of pink 
for the cheeks before shrinking.

For the card to stand up it needs something 
to tuck the front edge under so for this 
I made a Happy Birthday greeting out of 
Kraft card and Distress Oxide inks

This was then cut to size and mounted onto 
some black Mirri card and attached 
to the card with foam pads. 

The card blank was also coloured 
with the same inks.

Then it was a case of trial and error in deciding 
where each piece went to create a scene. 

Once everything was glued in place I cut 
a piece of acetate 5cm wide and longer than 
I knew I needed and attached the aeroplane 
to one end. I fiddled around adjusting the length 
but wasn't completely happy with the way
 it was hanging --- I felt it needed more weight.

 I then cut another aeroplane and stuck this onto 
the back so that the acetate was sandwiched and 
hey presto it now had enough weight to keep the 
acetate hanging over the rooftops.

There is such a wonderful amount of detail 
to these die sets that I can see they will be 
an asset to anyones crafting toolbox."

Items Used:

Tim Holtz Thinlits Cityscape Commute and Suburbia
Cosmic Shimmers Acrylic Glue

So nice to see a card idea for the boys
Thank you so much Jane

These dies might become a little
addictive!  Shall have to wait and
see how the week progresses before
I get my dies out...............!!

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. I just so love these dies and this card is a great way to use them. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

  2. This is a really fun card. Love it xx

  3. I also love it!! :-)
    This is adorable, I love the very cute details, thank you Jane! Corinne xx


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