Friday, 19 May 2017

About Town

About Town

Hi There!

We're nearly through the month
already.............Where has the
time gone?  I reckon there must
be a big black hole dedicated to 
time - it sucks in as much as it
can and leaves us with as little
as it can.................!

Moving swiftly on......... here
is Hazel Harler to share her
journal with us:

"Hi everone, I've had lots of fun playing 
with the Tim Holtz Cityscape dies and 
have made a journal page with them.

I've had my Distress Oxide ink pads for a
 while now but not had time to play with them 
so I decided to use them to colour the card 
for the buildings. 

I pressed the ink pad onto my craft mat 
and sprayed it with water then I pressed the card 
into the ink.

I dried the first colour and then repeated 
the process with the second colour.

I repeated the process a few more times 
drying each coloure before adding the next. 

This is the finished card and the inks that I used.

Some more card that I coloured.

I used an old credit card and some 
Fresco Finish paint to colour the page.

Some of the die cuts.

 I was going to paint a couple of roads 
but decided to use tissue tape instead, 
then I started to add the buildings

 I used a black marker on the edges of the
 buildings before adhering them to the page, 
I used dimentional tape to adhere the buildings, 
trees and cars at the bottom of the page
and I added some remnent rubs and word stickers.

I found the quote on the internet."

"Every city is a living body"
(St  Augustine)

Items used:

Thanks Hazel - no pun intended
but this is right up my street.
The use of the tissue tape to
form the road is brilliant

I am certainly inspired to get my dies out
not to mention my bit box - have you
got one of these?  It is full of bits of
paper and card that are too nice to
throw away but not always big enough
for a project.  

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


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