Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Christmas Animals

Christmas Animals

Hallo There!

Getting nice and chilly now and
we've even had some snow down
here on the coast.  It was amazing
everyone was talking about it
and I never saw a thing.......even
though I was on the phone at
the time and looking out the
window!  Apparently it lasted
all of ten minutes.................!

Right, back to business and you
will be relieved to know that
there is no snow involved.

Louise Thompson is here with
the first of our Christmas animals:

"Penny black have to be one of my all
 time favourite stamp companies, 
so when asked to make a Christmas card 
with mice there was no question I would 
use their stamps.

These ones come from a set called 
'U R the gift.' I stamped them on four
 separate squares of card and coloured
 them with Inktense pencils. 

If you haven't come across Inktense before, 
you add water to them for a watercolour effect
 but they retain their lovely bright colours
which don't move once the ink has dried.

I wanted to add the text around the pictures
so after some deliberation decided to hand 
write it on using fine liner.

I mounted the images on to two card blanks
 using 3d foam mount tape and then fixed
 those cards together for a concertina effect

Look away now if you're squeamish around
 small furries, but by complete chance I ended up
 fostering my own little family of 'Christmice'

This is Sprout!"


Delightful cards Louise and
thank you for sharing one
of your Christmice with us.
Sprout looks so cute.....!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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