Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Christmas Table

The Christmas Table

Hi there!

We're nearly there!  Just time
for to get that Christmas table
set up and ready for the biggest
meal of the year!

Forgotten the napkin rings?  
Worry not, here's Helen Chilton
 some Christmas napkin rings
 using a JOFY mini stamp and Starlights.

"I've used micropore tape but equally you
 could use tissue paper. 

Measure the circumference of the ring and
 stick 6 strips to a craft mat or waxed paper.

Paint over with Starlights Pearl.

Stamp the leaf and berry design along the 
pieces of tape.

Paint with more Starlights: I used Emerald,
 Apple Green and Red/Dark Orchid.

Wash over with some Rich Gold.

While that's drying, paint the gessoed napkin rings
 in Pearl and the insides and edges in Rich Gold

Peel off the tape....

..and stick to the ring

Paint Emerald round the edges...

...and then a pattern with the 
Rich Gold over the top.

Add wired beads and bells to finish.

Here's a close up:"

Products used:

Thank you Helen for a fabulous project
They look so rich and festive!

Aren't they lovely Everyone?
l might just have to make a
set myself!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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