Thursday 3 May 2018

Delay to 70% off code

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your support over the last few weeks and most especially this past week, we have been blown away by the number of orders we have received.

I just need to give everyone an update on where we are.  Last Friday was so very busy we had an unprecedented number of orders, so much so that you actually managed to crash the cloud based stock control system and the link to Sagepay for the first time ever!  The stock system tried for several hours to reset itself but the volume of transactions kept making it restart, so there were some issues with  the stock counting until the volume of orders slowed down enough to enable it to properly cycle through its interface with the website.  What this means is that there will unfortunately be some out of stock items in the orders, although hopefully not too many as the stock was counted just not applied as quickly as it would normally have been.  

We are working really hard to process all of the orders but there is just Ian and I and I need to be honest and say that we do have a backlog.  So (big gulp) we are running with a 7-10 day time frame for orders at the moment (yes we really did have that many orders!) and I am picking and Ian is packing as fast as we can.  
Please, please, please bear with us, we are working extra long days to get on top of things.  If your order is really urgent then please call me and I will do my best to speed the shipping for you but I am picking the orders in the order they were placed so that we are fair in respect of any out of stock items.  We have someone coming in to help who will process any refunds that have arisen from out of stock items on the picked orders.

As a result of all of the above, we think that it would be sensible to defer the new 70% off code for two weeks to allow us to catch up, before (fingers crossed) we have the last spike in orders before we close.  We hope that you will understand this decision.

Just to let you know, at the time of writing there are still over 2000 different products on line.  We also have some products to put back on the system as a number of people placed a replica second order when the stock system crashed, thinking their order had not gone through.  Finally as we are getting to the bottom of boxes of stock we are finding extra items so they need to go back on too and I won’t have time to do that until we have caught up with the orders.
With thanks, love and hugs
Sandy xx


  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. Don't worry about a bit of a delay. Gonna take anther look and see if anything pops up I haven't seen before. Take care. Hugz

  2. Good to hear you're so busy at this rate you should be able to retire early Sandy. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  3. Well retire or keel over whichever comes first lol xx

  4. You'll have earned a nice rest by the end of all this!


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