Thursday 24 May 2018


Hi Folks

I thought another update was in order as we work our way through the closing process.   
I want to thank you for your patience as we managed the large number of orders we received after the 50% code went live.  It was both the number and the size of the orders which impacted on the time it took to process them.  After the issues we had when the stock system temporarily crashed, we decided that the sensible thing to do, before we have what could be another peak in orders, was a full stock take prior to the release of the last offer code.  We are over half way through this but it is taking way longer than we thought and it’s not complete yet.  We think there are another 2-3 days work just stock counting.

We have added lots of items back on to the stock system that were showing out of stock or had been deleted and I have baskets and baskets of things still to add for the first time which is another few days work.  I know everyone is keen for the 70% code to go live but we want to take the time to finish the process properly before we update the system, that way all these products both existing and new are visible and go live at the same time, rather than in dribs and drabs so people miss things.  

I will email progress in the newsletter and put notes up on the website, facebook and blog when we have finished and the products are live.  We will then let everyone know when the new code will go live, at this point the estimate is the first week of June.  Please bear with us we are trying to work as fast as we can.
Thank you all for your support, we have appreciated your orders and all the lovely comments and emails we have received.

With thanks, love and hugs
Sandy xx

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