Saturday, 5 August 2017

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Hi there!

Today we have 
Claire Jackson
with us and she
is going to give
us a painting demo!

Yes, art and craft - 
fantastic we could
start another art and
craft movement.......!

"For this week’s theme I took for my inspiration
 Van Gogh’s painting flowers in a blue vase. 

I have to confess that the image I was 
working from must have been reversed!

 First I roughly painted a piece of 
heavy weight card with granny smith 
and mermaid Fresco paints.

Using a spotty stencil I sponged china,
 bora bora, banana and autumn fire onto 
the top of the card, and using a stripes stencil 
I sponged hyde park, granny smith, green patina,
 banana, autumn fire and key lime onto the bottom.

Using a stamping tool and magnets to hold 
the card in place I stamped the jug. 
To do this I lightly dabbed china paint onto 
the stamp with a sponge, stamped the image, 
dried it with a heat tool and repeated it 
to build up an opaque image.

 With a paint brush I added a little southern skies
 to the edges of the stamp and stamped again
 and then again with a few highlights in 
snowflake and bora bora.

Now I have to apologise for the next few 
images as I hadn’t realised the camera battery
 was going and it wasn’t focusing properly. 

Next I stamped the leaves in hyde park 
and green patina using a small stamping block.

Then using the little flower stamp in 
different colours I built up the bouquet.

I went back to the stamping tool 
for the larger focal flowers, firstly stamping
 in white to give an opaque background, 
drying the paint and over stamping in banana.

 With the ball end of an embossing tool 
dipped in paint I added centres to the flowers
 and also some petals. 

I even attempted to recreate the 
fuzzy bit near the top

 I decided on keeping the mounting simple 
to let the image speak for itself. 

I'm not sure what Van Gogh 
would make of it but I enjoyed myself."

Materials used:

Card-io clear stamps: veranda view, mum’s garden

Thank you Claire that was
really interesting - if Van Gogh
only knew...........!!

Right then everyone get your
paints out and recreate a
masterpiece this weekend
using only what is in your 
crafting stash........!!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Claire I am bowled over anew with your make. Incredibly effective and I'm guessing you needed a lot of patience to get all the flowers stamped with paints with all the drying in between! So worth it though...

  2. Claire this is wonderful. Amazing amount of detail and just love the idea of using the end of an embossing tool for applying the paint. X

  3. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your comments xx

  4. More than lovely, really fabulous!!!
    Thank you Claire for all the steps and tips Xx

  5. Wow, this is truly fabulous! Very cool too - thank you for the step by step. xxx


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