Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Hallo Everyone!

This week we shall mostly
be doing painting!............
Ha ha! Oh no we are not,
well not really.

Van Gogh is this week's muse
and here is Craftyfield :

 "My inspiration for this "painting" is 
Van Gogh's Cottage paintings. 
I tried to emulate the colours and the 
effect of the brushstokes, but without
 oils paint, brushes or the need for an 
accurate drawing...

I stamped my cottage with Versafine ink
 on Linen card.

 For the sky I mixed the blue Gelato
 with the white Distress crayon, 
and as you can see not a problem!

After applying different shades of green
 on the trees and bushes I smear them
 with a silicone tipped tool.

 For the smallest details I take the paint
 directly from the Gelato onto the silicone tip.

On top of the greens I add some yellow
 for lighter areas and paint the branches 
and chimney.

The thatched roof and woodwork have
 been "painted" with the Distress crayons. 

The next step is to paint in the walls 
(with a mix of grey and white),

 the grass and the final bush, which I
 had left till the end to avoid smearing
 green where I didn't want it!

To mount my painting, I created a small 
frame with a rectangle die within a 
larger label die.

This technique works well with softer 
wax crayons, but if you don't have Gelatos 
or Distress crayons, you can use
 Faber Castell oil pastels instead."


Thank you Craftyfield, I find
this picture so relaxing to
look at and thank you too,
for reminding me to get the
Gelatos out..............!

Well I think you will all agree
that Craftyfield has got us off
to a good start.  Be sure to
check in every day to see
the entire quartet of Van Gogh
inspired projects

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. What a great technique for a painterly finish xx

  2. Fantastic painting and coloring technique, thank you Christine! xx


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