Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weekly Challenge


Happy Sunday everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend
and enjoying the sunshine.
It's a bit cooler here in Surrey but if you can get out of the wind, 
the sun is lovely and warm!! 

I popped into the shop the other day and there some lovely
new bits in.
I particularly like the new Cardio stamps, Sandy and I 
saw at Birmingham earlier this year. This is just a few
pics of the range.....they are lovely little stamps
perfect for building up a picture!

I've already bought some and will definitely be using them in 
some up coming projects. 

There are also some fun new Papier Mache shapes, 
check them out here 

How about a cheeky monkey...

or a pair of birds to decorate?

Ok, lets get on to the Weekly Challenge!

So what shall it be today......I think I am getting too predictable,
I bet you are all expecting me to say it will be something to do 
with fishing......well it's not!!

Ha ha!!

I think we shall keep it to masculine, do I hear a groan?? 
Everyone hates masculine cards don't they!
Why is that?

So, I think it is going to be masculine pastimes, a hobby, sport, 
gardening, vehicles, whatever you like but must
be masculine and suitable for a man/boy.  Of course, don't 
forget the little men in your life.

As usual, you have a week to get your entries in, the link will 
close at midnight on Sunday 26th April.
As many entries as you like and the winner will receive a £10
voucher.  A Random Generator will be used to pick
the winning entry.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Monday comes around so

See you on Tuesday with the winner of our last 
Weekly challenge.

Jane x

Just adding this in for Linda as it is not showing!


  1. Male past time eh?? Wot, like fishing?? ROFL. I got my fishing ideas all lined up. Hugz

  2. See, I said I was too predictable! Ok yes that includes fishing haha!!
    Jane x

  3. Ooh now that's a bit scary!! I got a link in with more than a minute to spare! And not a fish in sight!! Hugz


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