Thursday, 30 April 2015

Word Play - Dawn Heald


Welcome to another week on the blog.
This week we gave the DT two words.... 

Word Play

That's all we gave them and this is what Dawn 
created from those words....

             "Hi crafty friends, when I saw this week's theme I knew that I 

wanted to make some kind of interactive project that I could use
 with my little girl who is busy learning to read. I decided to go
 for a Never-ending Card. These are easy to make and you can use
 plain card or pattern or card you've coloured yourself to use as
 a base. Then you can decorate however you like. Just remember
 to keep layers and embellishments flat. You can easily adjust the
 size to suit as long as the long edge is twice the size of the
 short edge. I do hope I've managed to explain it well.

                                        To make the actual card -

These steps are all shown in pictures on white card to explain
 the method. For my actual project I used brightly coloured
 plain card.

1.Cut four pieces of card, 6 inch x 3 inch

2. From short edges 1.5 inch in, score a line. Repeat for all
 four pieces.

3.Take two pieces and lay next to each other with the long
 edges horizontal. This makes a square. Apply adhesive (dry or wet) 
in each outside corner.

4. Then with your other two pieces, positioned with long 
edges vertical (opposite way to first two pieces), lay 
directly over the top and press on adhesive areas to secure.
I'd suggest leaving a couple mm gap in the middle where pieces
 meet as it is less likely to catch when turning card into each
 position. Don't worry if any edges are slightly 'scewiff' as you
 can trim them without affecting the card itself.

5. Finished base card.

6. I ended up making more up for my other three children

 in different sizes and colours.

                          Fold each score line and press with bone folder. 
                          To this back and forth and on each turn of card.


To decorate my Never-ending Card. I've used these gorgeous 
bright coloured pattern papers. Using the paper backed with 
card really adds weight to overall card and the card flips lovely
 and feels really good too. Sounds strange but true.
Here's how.
From purple card, cut
8 x 2 3/4 inch squares
8 x 2 3/4 inch by 1 1/4 inch rectangles
8 x 1 1/4 inch squares
From pattern papers, cut
8 x 2 1/2 inch squares
8 x 2 1/2 inch by 1 inch rectangles
8 x 1 inch squares
Apply distress inks to pattern paper edges. Use silver pen or ink
 pad and run around edges of purple card. Stick pattern papers to
 corresponding purple card pieces. Stick these to the sections
 on card base.
Die cut letters from darker purple card and Stick to sections spelling
 out your chosen words.
Use Stazon inks and Stamp some small images onto pattern 
paper and white card. Colour with Distress Markers, cut out and
 glue to your card.
Last, play with your card."

Oh my goodness, how amazing is this!
I love the bright colours!

From stash
Silver paint marker pen

Well thank you Dawn for an amazing project.

I'll be back tomorrow with the Calendar Challenge as 
May will be with us already!!

See you then,

Jane x


  1. Phew!! That was a tutorial & then some, well done! Great idea to keep children quiet & learning at same time...

  2. Great idea for kids and brilliant take on the word play theme. I did one once and could have done with your advice at step 4!


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