Saturday, 4 February 2017



Hi There!!

Here's Hazel Harmer with 
a gorgeous Canvas, set to
make us all feel happy and

"My canvas is nothing like what it was going to be like, 
it was going to be a snowy winters night - 
all shimmery and glittery, 
but our boiler packed up in the
 middle of November and wasn't fixed 
until December 23rd. 

The first week we had no hot water either and because 
we'd been so cold I decided my canvas had to be summery!

 used the Carabelle Studio house stamp.

 stamped the houses and coloured them with felt tips.

I used a Memory Box stencil and modelling paste 
to stencil the sun in the corner of the canvas.

I gave the canvas a coat of gesso and 
when it had dried I used a sponge to colour 
the sky and greenery with Fresco Finish paint

The sun was coloured with yellow and orange acrylic paint.

These are some of the embellishments I used, 
I coloured some of the dried flowers green and left some white, 

I die cut some leaves but didn't use them. 

I cut the strip of paper because I liked the scalloped edge 
and thought it would make a good fence.

I glued the dried flowers to the canvas and 
attached the houses with a dimentional double sided tape 
then I drew pathways from the doors. 

I used a white pen to turn the strip of paper into a fence. 

The fences are attached to the canvas with a thicker 
double sided tape than I used for the houses. 

The birds were stamped with Stampers Anonymous stamp, 

I had to go over the birds with a black marker as they didn't 
stamp very well on the canvas.

I added a heart shaped balloon and wrote "Home is where the heart is".

Because I used a deep canvas it meant that 
I could carry my design round the edges."


A deep 6 inch square canvas.
Carabelle Studio stamp.
Black Archival ink.
Felt tip pens.
Memory Box stencil
Modelling paste.
Fresco Finish paint.
Stampers Anonymous bird stamp.
Black marker.
White pen.

Thank you Hazel - I'm so glad you didn't
go the winter night route - maybe you 
could give us that one for the next heatwave?

A really super, smiley, proper like canvas
for a winter's day - what a brilliant idea!

'till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Wow! Love this and definitely appreciate the summery scene. Hopefully not long now until the weather warms up xx

  2. what a great project thank you for showing us your steps. x

  3. just a quick question - when will the next challenges be coming :) x

    1. Next challenge is the Song Title on 19th February. The challenges are currently: The Month on 1st Sunday of every month and The Song Title on 3rd Sunday of every month. xx

  4. Well done Hazel for making anything in those conditions! Really fab canvas, the red heart gives it a lovely warm feeling. X

  5. i love this so happy and springlike

  6. Fantastic canvas, I love it!! x


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