Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Hi everyone

Winter in the form of white
powdery stuff falling occasionally
from the grey skies has arrived 
and brought with it the cold............
brrr....  and tingly fingers.........
Perhaps if I type faster it might 
warm them up.  Haha!

Following my announcement that
the Wishing Well has been re-activated
Kate R contacted me asking if we
could demystify Brushos. 

Happy to oblige, we have a short series
of articles from Helen Chilton showing
us the joy of using Brushos

  Brushos The Basics

"Don't open the lid of the Brusho pot, 
make a hole through the lid with a 
pokey tool like on a glitter shaker. 

I label my lids so I can pick the colours out 
easily as all the pots look the same!

Shake some powder onto stamping card - 
a little goes a long way.

Spritz with water and watch the magic happen! 

Note how each colour is actually made up of 
several different colours.

You can then choose how to dry it. 

Not much difference between the first two, 
but blotting makes quite a big difference.

The type of card you choose also makes a difference.

More controlled colouring with Brusho: 

Stamp and white emboss some flowers from
 PaperArtsy ZA07 onto watercolour card. 

Sprinkle tiny bits of powder onto 
where you want to colour

Spritz close to....

...and blot to control flow of colour.

Carry on working on small areas at a time until you've finished.

Want to make some areas darker? Just repeat the process."

Thanks Helen.  Look forward to Part Two  

Lots to take in and, if you have some
Brushos do have a play with them
following Helen's guidelines - a great way
to start off.

The next Wishing Well article will be
on the last Sunday of the month when
Helen will be showing us more ways 
with Brusho

'Til then

Mickie xx

PS:  Did you notice the links?  Where
an item is in colour and underlined
just click on and the product page will
open in a new tab 


  1. Helen is a Master with the Brushos! Very inspiring...

  2. Thanks Helen, I've fancied having a go with these for a while :)

  3. Thanks Helen, I've fancied having a go with these for a while :)

  4. Very interested to see it on yupo...does it stick or do you have to seal it?

  5. wow love this demo great use of papers Thank you :) x

  6. Thank you! Really cool tutorial - I enjoyed it lots and learned lots too! Looking forward to the next one! xxx


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