Sunday, 26 February 2017

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Hallo Again!
Welcome back
to the Wishing Well

Today is Part Two of Helen Chilton's
super article on Brushos:

"Watercolouring with Brushos:

These fine crystals are basically a watercolour. 

Sprinkle into your palette or on your craft mat 
and spritz to activate

Then just paint.

You can mix the colours and do any 
watercolour techniques you want.

Drippy colouring:

Sprinkle powder onto your craft mat 
(couldn't find mine so used some plastic instead!) 
and spritz.

Then dip in your card to pick up the colour.

Stencilling with Brushos:

Lay stencil over card and sprinkle over your Brushos.

Spritz and....

Hey Presto! There you have it!

Don't waste the colour on the stencil, 
flip it over and press down onto card.

You get a reverse image of the stencil

Here you can compare the two.

Stamping with Brushos:

Ink up stamp with an old VersaMark ink pad 
(not your brand new one!).

Sprinkle on Brushos - I tend to work in colour blocks, 
but you can also mix them up.

(You can see what I mean by an old VersaMark inkpad here 
- don't know why I say 'old' - all mine look like this! 
Sandy won't let me near the ones in the studio!)

Rub in...

Spritz about 3 times...

.....and stamp. 

You can stamp several times without 
adding more Brushos, just respritz every 
other impression.

These are just some of the techniques 
you can do with Brushos - there's lots of other 
exciting stuff that I can't fit in here. 

Make sure you have a look at all the blog posts
 when we do Brushos week! 

I just love these little pots of magic!"

Super tutorial Helen, thank you
and like you I am looking forward
to Brusho and Vintage Stamps
in a couple of months time!

So everyone, don't forget to let us know what 
you would like to see explained in the Wishing Well.
Don't be shy - just email me

Remember, you will not be the only
one to have bought a mystery item -
how do I know that?................!!

"Til next time

Mickie xx


  1. I love my brushos and must try this technique thank you for your steps x

  2. I hate getting my Versamark dirty amd you know what... I apply the Brushos on dry stamps (i.e without a coat of Versamark). They still hold pretty well and my inkpad is safe! (Can't say the same of the fingers though...)

  3. This is a product I couldn't be without, there are so many ways to apply them. For years I only used them with fabrics and it's great to see them being used for so many other techniques too, just love them. Happy crafting, Angela x

  4. I also love my Brusho's. Thank you for all the brilliant ideas with them.


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