Sunday, 21 January 2018

At Random

At Random

Hallo There!

Saw some canvas bags on the
website and thinking about the
projects that were created with
bags during the last year I just
had to buy a couple.

So glad I did.  I couldn't believe
it when I came across a lovely
idea by Angela Radford and here
 she is to show us what to do:

"Hi all, here today to show you what
 fun I've had with Starlight Textiles Paints.

 Start by masking off the areas where
 you don't want the design and attach
 the stencil to stop it moving.

 Place a piece of card or craft mat inside 
the bag to prevent the colour going through
 to the back.

 I sponged the colour on as I find
 that works better than a brush.

When all the stencilling is complete allow it 
to dry over night and then iron to fix
 the colour. 

You could leave it like this but.....

 I couldn't help it had to do some stitching
 to complete the design and added ribbon
 and little bells. 

Hope you like my sweet little bag.

 Happy crafting, Angela xXx"

Thank you Angela, I for one am
smitten with your sweet little bag!

Now folks, if like me, you don't
have any Textile paints, then you
can use any acrylic paint with 
the addition of a Fabric Painting Medium
I'll let you know how I get on......!

Otherwise you know that Starlight Textile
Paints are available from the Craft Barn

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

PS:  Don't forget the SALE


  1. Wow, Angela, this is beautiful! Love the colours you chose, too!


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