Monday, 22 January 2018

At Random

At Random

Hi There!

It seems that winter is upon us
with much of the country
experiencing snow and icy
conditions.  What better time
to turn your mind to a
craft project!

Leave you with that thought
as I turn to Craftyfield who has
brought in a fabulous project to
share with you:

"I do like making "wearable" art, such as
 handbag charms, keyrings and such like.
 These things don't take much space,
 are unique and therefore completely personal.

Instead of hard covers for my phone I tried
 to make my own and I am now on my 
3rd and still like them! 

Someone else saw the advantages and 
commissioned me to make one, 
so of course I obliged!

This first side is simply stencilled 
(Tim Holtz) with So Soft textile paint 
mixed with Starlight Textile paints.

 On this side I stamped the Chambord castle
 image (Paper Artsy) with Archival ink and 
coloured sky, castle and grass with
 diluted So Soft paints.

Just make sure to decorate before 
making up the cover as it is a lot easier
 to stamp or stencil on flat surfaces!

To make up the case I use a scrap of
 ironing board cover (an old one of course) 
but any kind of felt, wadding or 
thick material will do the trick too.

Don't worry too much if the finished item
 isn't perfect it all adds to the "personal" touch. 

And as I have already given this, 
I can tell you it was well received...

So what wearable art have you
 done or are intending to make?"

This is marvellous Craftyfield,
I can almost feel the sewing
machine coming out .......

Speaking as one who suffers
from the dark coloured case for
'phone and also for specs, 
hiding in the depths of my
black lined hand bag this is
a great idea!

You won't know why I used the
term "suffers" unless, or until,
you are in a similar position ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€

Now if you have a yen to try
decorating a fabric, or any other
 item, the SALE is still on 
so take a look at our Alter offers

'Till tomorrow 

Mickie xx


  1. Great idea for a small gift and so easy to personalise xx

  2. Simply Superb!!!
    Well done to Christine x


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