Friday, 2 March 2018

Boxing Clever

Boxing Clever

Hi There!

Upcycling is the topic of the
day today.  Jane Castle has
turned a very plain box into
beautiful storage ........... or
maybe a useful gift for a craft

"Hi Folks, today I'm going to show you 
an inexpensive way to tidy-up those loose 
bits of ribbon and lace that end up getting 
scrumpled and creased in the drawer 
or needlework box.

I began with a 17cm x 11cm x 8cm 
cardboard box that many businesses 
use for mail order. 

This was given a base coat of white gesso 
on the outsde and the inside of the lid.

 I then cut some ATC cards from some
 thickish card scraps.

The box was then decorated by adding some 
Grunge Paste through a Tim Holtz and
 PaperArtsy stencils. 

Once dry Fresco Chalk paint was added
 with a piece of Cut and Dry foam 
gradually building up the colour.

Just 3 colours were used in the end and
 then the whole of the outside was brushed
 with Satin Glaze. 

I then wanted to enhance the relief work 
without completely covering up the existing 
colours so I replaced the clean stencils
 and added some DI in Pumice Stone. 

Loved the colour but it needed to 
be a little more defined .......

So after some head scratching and a
 coffee I sponged on some DecoArt 
Metallic Paint in Zinc, perfect!

Some die-cut letters, ribbon and a wooden bead
 to pull open the flap and a 
little bird from Jofy 15 stamp set.

The inside was lined with some brightly
 coloured felt and the ribbons and lace 
wound onto the cards.

Then I had one of those 'Light-bulb' moments -----

If you had somewhere that you could attach
 a cup hook the cards could be stored 
on a book-ring......

Happy Crafting to you all. X"

That was a light bulb moment
Jane, thank you for sharing along
with your beautiful box

Now just in case you don't do much
in the way of online shopping, or
maybe everything you buy comes
in a padded envelope..... have a
look here for a suitable box to 
decorate in a similar way

"Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Great piece of recycling Jane! Love it!

  2. Waste not, want not! Happy crafting everyone xXx

  3. Thank you ladies, having thought about the box ----- if one bought a few mtrs of different lace/ribbon and added these to the cards in the box it would make a lovely present for young crafter for Easter ( with a little chocolate egg inside too) xx


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