Thursday, 29 March 2018

Easter Egg

Easter Egg

Hallo Everyone!

With the Easter Holiday rapidly
approaching I was delighted to
find this lovely project from
Craftyfield in my in box.

The perfect answer to the
dilemma of how to carry all
the little eggs found on the
Easter Egg Hunt ........

"A drawstring fabric bag, like this one
is ideal to wrap up awkward shaped items
 and, as a bonus, you get 2 sides to decorate!
 The bag is roughly 15 by 20cms.

It's also a lot easier to buy ready mad
 than to make the bag yourself, which I 
now know since this is precisely what I did.
 Given the choice, let me tell you, I'd
 rather spend the time on the fun
 decorating part rather than the 
construction of the bag!

No step by step today, especially on how 
to cross-stitch, as I'm a complete beginner
 myself, but I will give you ideas to 
decorate fabric bags.

 The bravest crafters might want to 
paint or draw on the bag, otherwise
 try stamping with textile paints 
(SoSoft, Starlight Textiles, Setacolor) 
or any of your permanent inks. 
I would recommend Brilliance inks 
because there are so many colours available 
but Archival or Versafine will work too.

 Remember to place a piece of cardboard 
inside the bag to give you a firm 
surface to stamp on and protect the 
reverse of the bag from the ink or paint 
seeping through.

If stamping is not your thing how
 about stencilling? Just make sure the
 fabric of your bag is stretched and 
held in place with masking tape before
 applying the paints. 

Use one stencil for an overall pattern 
or several to create a scene.

 Create stripes with masking tape or 
die-cut shapes out of acetate to stencil
 specific areas of the bag. 

If you are not confident decorating 
your bag directly you can use a separate 
piece of fabric and sew it on
 to the bag later. 

Other ideas: use image transfer with 
gel medium, collage rice paper, sew 
a printed fabric piece or several 
pieces to make a shape or pattern...

You can add embellishments too,
 flower shapes, buttons, shrink plastic 
items (don't forget to punch the holes 
before srinking...), ribbons, twine etc... 

Like me you can use felt die-cuts motifs
 to the bag, and I would advise you to 
sew them on to be sure they won't move. 

You could die-cut initials or a complete
 name, word or phrase.

 Steel rule dies (the thick Sizzix dies) are 
best for this but I have had success with 
thin dies too, just as long as the shape
 isn't too detailed.

Only a few ideas here, but really the
 world is your oyster! 

Share with us in the comments if 
you have ideas of your own.

These little bags will make it so easy
 to wrap up the Easter eggs or Bunnies 
and make nice keepsakes too!"
Thank you Craftyfield - lots of ideas here
especially for those of us who like to
make individual bags for each family

These bags would be good for
a little person's ballet shoes
or gym pumps too

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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  1. A lovely bag for a delicate gift!
    I think I prefer buying the bags instead of making them too!! :) Thanks Christine xx


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