Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fashion week - Gio

When fashion meets practicality LOL. 
What do you think of that brilliant apron Gio has created for you? And you know what she used for it? 
A cotton bag!!
You have to be a Gio to come up with ideas like this:-).Here's how she made it... 

I made an apron from a cotton bag. 
Starting from the bag it means few cutting, few sewing and no measurements at all!

I unpicked the cotton handles and I opened up the bag cutting the bottom and one side. I laid the fabric on the desk. I drew and cut some large flowers from a book page. I glued them to the fabric using Claudine Hellmuth medium.
I scattered several stencils from Crafter Workshop and from Tando on the fabric. I started to spray several colours of Cosmic Shimmer Misters. I made the same for the handles and for the pocket. 
I stamped here and there using Archival inks and Artemio Paisley stamp. 
I coloured a piece of lace with the Cosmic Shimmer Misters. I glued it to the border of the apron. 
I sewed the handles to a piece of rubber band and I inserted it into the upper side of the apron using a safety pin.
Tip: don't waste the mists on the stencils but clean them on some book pages, you can use them as background and to make cards.

See you tomorrow


  1. Now that is a truly imaginative creative person - I love it!! x Jo

  2. Lovely work. I came across your blog a few days ago and have been reading along. I'm loving it! Keep up the good mood.
    Recently, a close friend of mine created a website and I would like to share it with you, as I think you would like it too. It's called The Birthday Times (www.thebirthdaytimes.co.uk), and gives you the newspaper of the day of your birthday. It shows real events and facts of the day you were born. I already knew a few projects like this, but I think this one stands out a little bit from the rest. So, here's my tip! :)

  3. What a brilliant idea! Very cool! xx

  4. PERFECT!!!,I love your creative apron, no one will miss you now. Love your instructions, have a great day..


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