Friday, 20 March 2015

Brusho Week - Neil Walker

Morning all,

Hope you are all well this morning and looking forward to
 the weekend.
We are halfway through March already....scary!
It'll be time to start making Christmas cards again soon...
I bet someone out there will tell me they have already started.  
I do hate such organised people!!!

So, day two of the fabulous Brusho week, today is Neil's
turn and he has made 6 delightful sketchbooks.
Wouldn't these make another lovely gift?

Neil says .....
"Well, what can I say, Brusho's were and were not what I was
 expecting.  Yes I knew they were powder but I still got a bit
 of a surprise once I began to play/work.......

You see, in my mind I thought, okay, let's just start off slowly and
 use a very little powder to create a lovely delicate, pastel base.
Just a little powder like this onto a sheet of watercolour card.

Then a spritz of water to get it flowing.

Oooh, that's rather bright, add more water.......ooops, too much
 water, add another sheet of watercolour card to the top! Before I 
knew it I had two sheets of vibrantly coloured card.

By now I had given up on the delicate pastel idea and just went with
 the direction I was heading in. I added some more yellow
 powder and water.

Sprinkled some salt onto the wet card and left to dry.

When it was dry I wiped off the salt and trimmed the card into six
 6 cm wide strips. Marking the centre line in pen.

I had the same size white card scraps left over from a previous book
 I made so each strip of card was stacked on top of 10 pieces of
 white card and stapled at the centre.

These were folded at the centre line. Each book had a sentiment
 stamped onto it. The staples were covered with a strip of tape to
 create a spine and each book was just simply stamped with
 images to finish".


This is what Neil used -

Brusho Starter Pack

I did smile when Neil said he was looking for 'delicate pastel'......
Sorry Neil, just joking.  Love you really!

Well I think these are beautiful, what do you think?
Do let us know.

I'm back tomorrow with something rather Brusho exciting
from Dawn!

See you then,

Jane x


  1. Great work Neil, I love the vibrant colours but I'm really, really trying to resist Buying Brushos, for now!! They do look interesting to work with though.

    1. Resistance is futile LOL. They are popping up all over the place. They are fun to work with and a little goes a long way so once you've succumbed you'll have them for a long time and be able to do loads of lovely crafting.....

  2. I only heard about Brushos yedterday, here at the blog. These booklets are brilliant, look at the colours achieved! Great stamping too, really add a cool vibe &, imho, enhance the backgrounds. TH are constantly on my "wish list" but Brushos will be one as well. Tfs. C

  3. Excuse bad typos from previous comment : )

  4. Great results with your Brushos and great choice of stamps for these notebook covers.
    My first experience with Brushos was similar as I didn't expect so little powder to deliver so much colour! I now sprinkle my powder with a size zero brush...

  5. You are right, you really don't need much powder to make a fabulous impression. Just a tiny sprinkle.
    Jane x

  6. A brilliant project, thankyou Neil for this wonderful idea!!! Coco x


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