Friday, 13 March 2015

Random Week

Hi everyone,

It's random week here on the blog while our wonderful DT
have a few days off to recharge their very low batteries.
Yesterday we had a lovely project from Neil.  I really must try
and have a go at cutting out those letters...brilliant!

Well today should have been Dawn's turn but unfortunately I have
had all sorts of problems with photos and I have had to admit defeat
and search the blog for one of my old posts!
This actually was one of my favourite projects so I 
hope you like it too.

"I decided to do an exploding box, a bit different to the last one, and
 will show you exactly how to make it, this time in a hexagon shape....

First make a pattern for the base, decide on the size you want and 
make sure all sides measure the same, mine will be 1 1/2".....

Cut it out and sit it on a piece of 300g card, you need to add the sides
 so put it quite central.  Measure out 3" from each side.  You will be 
one short as the A4 card is not quite big enough.

Draw around your pattern again and add one more side.  Stick the 
two bases together, one on top of the other.....

Cut out 12 pieces of contrasting card and patterned paper and add 
to the sides of box, both inside and outside...... 

Using your original pattern cut two hexagons slightly smaller than the
 base and layer together.  Before sticking to base, cut 6 slits with a
 sharp knife as shown in picture....

These are for the acetate strips.  Cut 3 strips measuring 3/8" by
 approx. 10".   Thread through slits as shown.....

Using ultra-sticky double sided tape, stick to base and bend acetate 
strips up slightly......

Using the same contrasting card and paper, cut 6 butterflies 
(12 in total)......

Add the butterflies to each acetate strip, staggering the heights 
slightly. Make sure the tallest one is no higher than the box side 
when standing up or the lid will crush it. Die cut a scalloped circle
 and stick to the base.....

To make the lid, using your original pattern again, add 1/16" around 
each edge.  measure out 3/4" on each side.  Add an extra bit on
 each side to create a lip to stick the lid together.....

Stick the lid together and make sure it fits on your box....

Decorate the lid with more card and paper and finish with a large
 organza bow and 2 more butterflies."

Not hard at all, a lovely box to make.
It is very east to adapt size wise to 
your requirements.
I don't think we shall have those papers anymore
but there are plenty of others to choose from.

So if you want to have a go, this is what you will need -

Papers of your choice

Well I hope you liked it, 

See you tomorrow with another project.

Jane x


  1. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!

  2. What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for sharing your expertise on this because I've been looking for ways to create my own box. And this is it! AWESOME!! (

  3. Oh what a great step-by-step! I wouldn't normally even entertain such a project as I know I'd get muddled. Your instructions, I read from start to finish & actually followed, with aid of brilliant pictures. A really cool idea. Tfs...

  4. Love the box, it has a great shape and the acetate lets the butterflies move!

  5. Thank you for your kind comments. Do have a go as they are not hard but look as if you have spent many hours making them. This one was still in the shop until recently and still looked ok after being constantly picked up and played with!
    Jane x

  6. A fantastic exploding box totally hand-made, I love this tutorial and Neil's box is so lovely with its gorgeous butterflies and ribbon! Thank you :) Coco x


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