Saturday, 14 March 2015

Random Week - Pauline Wheeler


Happy Saturday everyone, the weekend is here again!

Hope you have lots of good things planned, maybe some crafting??

Well I'm sure you know now that it is random week here 
and today is Pauline's turn.  I picked these flowers by Pauline
as I think they are so lovely.  Anyone who sees me at the shop
will know that I love making flowers but I have not had a go
using these paints before.....something else for my shopping list!

This is how Pauline made them -

Paint thin black card with the paint...

Die cut four flowers from each colour used. I've used Tim Holtz 
Tattered Florals Die. You can use any punch or die that
 has six petals...

From one flower cut out one petal. From another cut out two
 joined together. For the third flower just cut to the centre and 
on the fourth cut a cross in the centre...

Curl all the petals back...

Take the single petal and roll it into a cone and glue down the
 edge.  I use Glossy Accents as it dries really quickly. If the rose
 is to be on a stem roll the cone around the stick...

Repeat making a cone with the two petal piece glue the edge. Add
 glue to the first petal base  and put the stick through the base of
 the second layer...

With the flower that has one petal removed cut out a little semi
 circle, this is for the stem to pass through, and cut off the top
 of one petal and overlap the petals then stick together...

Repeat for the layer with two petals removed.

For the next layer cut the top of the petal, remove a semi circle 
again and just stick together...

Either thread the layers onto the stick or layer them together then
 thread onto the stick, gluing each layer...

Colour the wooden sticks with a marker pen in green and die cut
 some rose leaves. Stick these to the stems.

Repeat for each of the painted flowers.

Aren't they gorgeous??  I think they are so pretty.

 Ok, if you want to have a go, this is what you need -

Wooden Sticks

So what are you waiting for??
(Oh I think Ellie Goulding sings that!)

Make your own flowers for Mothers Day!!

Enjoy the weekend, hope the weather stays nice!

See you tomorrow, its challenge time....
...wonder what it will be this week???

Jane x


  1. I've made flowers like that before. To create the semi-circle in the middle of the cut flowers I use a hole punch. Love the look of the interference paint on the black card.
    I'm guessing the theme will be...random!
    Need to get a move on and post my Deco mache project...

  2. That's a good idea, thank you!
    Jane x


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