Thursday, 19 March 2015

Brusho Week - Pauline Wheeler


Welcome to a new week here on the Blog.

This week we are featuring the fabulous Brusho's.
I haven't had time to play with mine properly but I have seen
some amazing projects made with them.  No two pages 
will ever be the same.

This week starts with Pauline.  She has created a gorgeous
book cover. 

Stick two sheets of watercolour paper together with red line tape.

I put three or four holes in the top of the lid of my Brushos and use 
them like pepper pots.
(Jane says - Some people put just one hole in the top,
others make more.  The bigger and more holes you have, the more 
powder comes out).

Spray the paper with a water mister and pepper the first colour
onto the paper.

Add more water and more colours till it is how you want it to be. 
Allow to dry naturally if you can but it can be heat set.

Add redline tape to the four edges of the front and back of the 
sketchbook and the three outer edges of the inside of the covers.

Remove the outer tape covers and lay the book down 
onto the reverse of the paper. 

Roll the book over to
 stick the other side down.

Trim the excess paper and mitre the corners
Remove one Side of the inside cover and stick the paper down. 
Repeat for the other cover.

Remove the inside tape covers and fold the cover down onto the 
paper again repeat the other side.

Stamp the chosen designs onto the front cover to finish.

These Brusho's never cease to amaze me, you never really 
know what is going to happen once you add the water!
Beautiful Pauline, thank you.
The pictures will not do it justice, the colours are so vibrant!

If you want to have a go, here is what Pauline used -

I shall be back tomorrow with a project from Neil.

See you then,

Jane x



    1. Happy that you like it Lise, I love working with Brushos they're so much fun
      P xx

  2. Love it too and I am looking forward to other ideas with Brushos. I do believe there are a lot of possibilities to explore and I am unsure what to try next!

    1. There are lots of possibilities and we will only be able to touch on a few!!
      Jane x

    2. There are just so many options with Brusho's and so much fun to play with
      P xx

  3. Must start using mine. That cover looks good.

    1. Yes I need to use mine too but work gets in the way!
      Jane x

    2. Ooh yes you must have a go and just play with them you can't go wrong really
      P xx

  4. Gorgeous colours there. I have just discovered Brushos and I am loving them so far. Need some me time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Ok, where have I been, Not to have heard of Brushos?? Seriously, this is first time I have seen the word, let alone the product. Oh my goodness, they sound & look so lush & definitely something I need to play with! Your book cover is so cool & thanks to yr step-by-step, I at least get the idea. Thank you... Off to research, do hope they aren't expensive? Tfs

    1. Yes you definitely need to play Caroline and no they aren't expensive and each little pot will last for ever
      P xx


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