Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Challenge Winner for Tando

Hello again,

I'm back, this time with the winner of our 
Tando Weekly Challenge.

Its definitely winners day here today!

So, thank you for joining in the challenge.
We had twelve fabulous entries, and all so very different.

Using our usual Random Generator......

the winner is......

........no. 9.......

.....Fiona Spain

Fiona, I am so sorry your picture is not showing here....
the internet/Google was so bad while I was doing this
that I wasn't sure whether I would even get any of this post done.
As soon as I can get your picture on here I will add it!

And here it is, finally, Google still giving me problems but I've
managed to add it!

 Congratulations please get in touch so that
I can send you your prize voucher!

Thank you all for joining in, it means a lot to us that
you take the time and trouble to do so!! 

Jane x

P.S.  I spent so long trying to get this post to work that I hadn't 
realised that the Random Generator had picked our worthy winner 
Fiona for both challenges!  Amazing!  What are the chances of that??
Well done Fiona, a double prize is coming your way!! 


  1. Congrats to the doubly lucky winner! Enjoy your shopping spree Fiona...

  2. Congratulations to Fiona, sh's very lucky!!! :D x

  3. Wow double spending power - ENJOY xxxx CONGRATS XX

  4. I was having so many problems with Google and the internet that I didn't actually realise that lucky Fiona had won twice!! I was just about getting ready to throw the laptop through the window and could only get the minimum of details on!
    Well at least it shows you all its not fixed!!
    Jane x

  5. How exciting for you Fiona! Congratulations again and enjoy the free spree :o))

  6. Thank you random generator. Time for a road trip me thinks. ☺

  7. Well done Fiona Spain a double lucky winner!


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