Thursday, 1 June 2017



Hallo There!

Lovely day again.  What's
the weather like where you are?
Whatever it is doing, it is always
sunny here on the Blog

Today is no exception - you
should get yourself some
refreshment and find a comfy
seat before you go any further

Angela Radford is here today
and oh my, has she got a
fabulous project to share...

 "Hi Angela back again! 
Sorry yet another lengthy tutorial but 
hope you enjoy watching as much as I 
enjoyed making it. 

To start with here is the collection of 
Starlights Textiles paints I used for this project:

Put a small amount of paint into a palette 
and spread it so that you don't have too 
much paint on your brush.

The fabric is the Calico that Sandy stocks 
and I used a full width by 45 cm but obviously 
this depends on what you decide to make when 
this stage is complete. 

Using Tim Holtz stencils apply the paint 
by dabbing gently through each one. 
I made about six or seven of each one
 I used, covering the whole length of fabric.

When you have finished the stencilling 
allow these to dry and iron on the wrong side. 

Complete instructions are on the jars. 

I used scissors to begin cutting them apart 
but actually ripped them as I wanted
 the frayed edges to show.

Now it's time to start attaching them 
to the backing. 

I used a batting fabric for this as I wanted 
a quilted effect but another piece of the Calico 
would work too.

And here is the finished piece. 
I've used several different stencils and 
different stitches too. 

This is definitely a grungy style 
with the frayed edges showing.

 I removed a small section at the end to use
 for the closure and then you need to sew the 
sides of the main fabric and lining.

 I like to box my corners when making a bag
 but this is up to you.

Here you can see the finished corner, nice and neat.

It's a good idea now to iron the seams flat 
before continuing. 

I would cover this with a piece of 
muslin before ironing.

 Place the lining inside the bag with the 
wrong sides together and pin.

Machine all the way round.

I cut a strip of the Calico to go all the way 
round the top of the bag and machined 
it in place on the inside and then 
folded it out to the front.

Tack this in place to cover the top edge 
and then machine all the way round.

Here is the flap ready to be attached at the back

Cut two lengths of fabric to the length and 
width you prefer and sew these inside out 
with interfacing attached and 
then turn the right way round.

And here you have the completed bag. 
I wanted this to be large enough to 
carry a 12x12 journal so it is quite big.

Here you can see the inside with the flap 
attached at the back and the handles securely
 sewn in place.

I left the flap open at the top as it can be used as a pocket.

I used velcro as the fastening for the closure
 but again this is just preference. 

So that's your lot my friends. 
Hope you enjoyed that and see you soon.
 Angela xXx"

Materials Used:

Lining Fabric

Thank you Angela

What can I say?  I am absolutely
speechless - I need to go back
to school and repeat the
Use of English course I did
way back when........
Maybe this will cover it:
Wunderbar, die Tasche ist 
enfach super! 

Bis Morgen!   oh sorry....
Till tomorrow
Mickie xx


  1. wow Angela, this is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Helen and pleased you like it. Happy crafting, everyone. Angela xXx

  2. Oh Angela...this is a beautiful piece of work my lovely! Not only the clever use of the paints but some beautiful sewing as well! x

    1. Thanks Karen, I thought my sewing days were over but I really enjoyed getting back to the sewing machine. Happy crafting, Angela x

  3. I LOVE this and want to make one now! Sue xx

    1. Thanks Sue, pleased you like it. Love your gorgeous paints. I've used many fabric paints in the past but these just go on so well and the finish is so vibrant. Happy crafting, Angela x

  4. A fabulous project. You are very talented. xx

    1. Thanks Claire. You are very kind. Bless you, Angela xXx

  5. Really gorgeous bag Angela --- love it xx


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