Sunday, 25 June 2017



Happy Sunday!

Haven't given you news of
any new products for a while
and thought I might rectify
the situation with the help

Helen Chilton

Hi Helen, what are you
showing us today?

"Today I'm looking at the 
 that Sandy is now selling in the shop.

They come in a large tub and are best applied 
with Cut n Dry or a small Smoothie sponge. 

You push down on the felt top layer 
until the ink soaks through.

I have to say, the colours are 
lovely and intense.

I've tried out all sorts of techniques here
 to put them through their paces.

They are very easy to blend onto the card 
and you can get a good depth of colour.

This is trying them out on different cardstock.

They're very easy to seamlessly blend together
 creating new colours

Splatter with water and they will react.

Same technique on Kraft card - 
the blue comes out more easily than the green

You can lift out colour with a baby wipe
 through a stencil - quite a subtle result.

Stamping's wonderful! 
Just dab the ink straight onto the stamp. 
I'm using the Impression Obsession 

And here we go. 

Blend your ink colours directly onto the stamp.

Dab onto a craft mat, spritz and paint.

Build up really soft muted backgrounds 
by stamping the first impression onto 
scrap paper and using the second impression.

Here I've stamped the images lots of times
 making sure to overlap them to create more colours. 
On the right I've then spritzed with water
 to let the colours merge and flow.

Of course you can stencil with these inks....

.... and then slightly shift the stencil 
and ink with a different colour to great effect.

Shift the stencil again and repeat the yellow.
 Because the inks are to some extent opaque
 you can lay lighter colours over darker ones.

Lastly, if you're using the sponges, 
here's a really easy background!

Here are some cards made with
the techniques shown above:

Yellow background with water splatters, 
stamping over top and outline stamping 
over top of that.

Double stencilled background with 
simple stamping over the top.

Second impression background with 
coloured chalk stamping and outlines
 over the top."

Wow!  looks like quite a versatile product.
Thank you for showing us a few tips and
techniques Helen

There you have it folks - another new
product sorted and don't those colours
mix and blend well?  

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

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