Friday, 7 July 2017

Apple for the Teacher

Apple for the Teacher

Hi There!

If you need more encouragement 
for an end of term thank you, or
a thank you at any other time
come to that, here is Jane Castle
to show you the way........

"Over the last couple of years I have made
 some 'End of year' cards for my Grandchildren 
to give to their teachers and I have been amazed 
at some of the gifts families buy for their teachers.

 So here is an idea that is fairly quick to make,
 not expensive, very acceptable as we all 
need to send a little thank-you/thinking of you
 type note and one that the kids can get 
involved in as well.

'What is it ?' I hear you saying.

Inside the tissue wrapping are 6 postcards,
 3 different designs but all of a similar nature.

I started with a pad of watercolour postcards 
which can be found at most art shops, 
added some Distress Oxide inks to my craft mat,
 sprayed with a little water and 
applied this with a brush.

I made a total of 6 using slightly different
 colour combinations each time.

I then cut my tag from some watercolour card 
and added some of the D.O. to this also.

Then using Archival ink in Cornflower Blue 
began to stamp the main images.

This is the smaller of the 2 flowers from 
Woodware's Clear Magic Singles set Dotty Flowers.

I really like this image with its library stamps----- 
quite fitting for a teacher!

A great stamp to use if you are organising a 
gathering/get together or thanks for a 
lovely dinner party.

Here are the stamp sets I used for the whole project.

I decided to include envalopes as then the 
recipient has the choice as to whether or not 
they use them.

Now it's just the tag left to finish off. 

I chose the cheeky pirate figure as it reminded 
me of my eldest Grandson (a big grin when 
he's been up to no good!) then 'Best' & 'Teacher' 
were cut out from an old dictionary and attached 
to the top and bottom. 

If you didn't have an old dictionary for crafting
 purposes you could always print the definitions
 from the computer.

The 6 cards were then wrapped in tissue paper 
and tied with bakers twine. 

This would be a suitable gift for a 
male or female teacher and it could easily
 be customised to include a subject/hobby."

Items used

Dotty Flowers, Memories, Time to Wind Down
 & Ahoy Matey

 in Broken China, Faded Jeans, Fossilized Amber 
and Pistachio.

Watercolour Postcard 300gsm pad.
Archival Ink : Cornflower Blue
Sheet of Tissue Paper

 Thank You Jane, a lovely choice of
stamps there and as you say
the whole project would make a
very acceptable present.    

This project
has reminded me that I have
a thank you or two to do.....
....... there's always something isn't there?

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. A lovely idea to give a set of notelets and I agree with a bit of supervision the children can make their own. As a teacher I can say those are the best presents. Xx

  2. Oh, I quite agree, there is nothing like a gift that a kiddie has made. Let's face it they are not going to do it if they really don't want too!! X


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