Sunday, 9 July 2017



Hi There!

Hope you re all having 
a truly lazy Sunday
sitting in the sunshine and
recharging the batteries
ready for another week........'s some easy 
reading to keep you in your

The question of the moment
is whether or not another paint
is required

So I asked Helen Chilton to put the 
new DecoArt Extreme Sheen Metallics
 to the test .....

"Hi Helen here with an article on the 
new DecoArts Extreme Sheen Metallic 
paints which retail for 2.99 a bottle
 and come in 16 delicious colours.

I wanted to show you the difference
 in finish between the Dazzling Metallics
 and the Extreme Sheen paints. 

The Extreme Sheen paints have a
 finish almost like the metallic paint 
on a car. 

You can see how the sheen reflects the light.

Here the Metallic Sheens are 
rubbed over DecoArt Crackle Paint
 to give a fabulous finish.

Here I've layered the paint on 
quite thickly and then heated it. 

It bubbles and blisters to produce a 
textured sheen.

I tried it out on all different sorts of
 surfaces to show you the different 

It's great for altering your embellishments.

My favourite embellishment has to be
 this name holder which was originally
 a grey metal.

Next I'm going to make an assemblage
 using these paints. 

I've painted half of a wooden box 
(don't know where the other half went - 
I probably wanted the hinges for something!) 

No need to prep the wood - just brush 
the paint straight on. 

I've used a mixture of Antique Bronze, 
Aquamarine, Sapphire and Pewter.

Then I scraped on some Crackle Paint.

Dab colour onto your Crackle when it's dry -
 same colours as before and a touch of 
Pink Tourmaline.

Add stencilling to the uncrackled sides.

Then stick on all your bits and pieces.

The writing's done with rub-ons.

This is made with a Martha Stewart clay mould and air dry clay.

I've stuck some tiny painted 
fabric flowers in the glass bottle. 

The burlap shimmers in the

A painted wooden heart with rub-ons.

Great introduction there Helen and
an absolutely lovely project too
Many thanks and enjoy what is 
left of your day

Think that settles it.  The answer
to the question is, of course these
paints need to be added to the
paint collection ..................

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Oh my goodness, more paint!!
    I don't need any more paint .... but ..... it looks pretty gorgeous doesn't it.
    The little fabric flowers in the glass bottle look stunning. What a great metallic look.

  2. oh this new paint..thanks for sharing..fab projects x

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Fabulous project and cool review, thank you! xxx

  5. Oooooh! Aaaaah! scrummy! I so love this paint. Thanks Helen for showing us so many great techniques. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  6. Always space for more paint and this looks fabulous! 😃

  7. Gorgeous project, and thanks for the great review Helen! x


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