Wednesday, 12 July 2017

New Home

New Home

Hallo Everyone!

People seem to be on the
move all the time nowadays
and I don't know about you but 
for all I know someone is about
to move house, when they do
it comes as a complete
surprise and I am left scurrying
about getting a card together in
double quick time!  Well, no
more surprises; from now on 
we shall have something suitable
to commemorate the occasion
all ready and waiting ..........

Here is Craftyfield who has
come in to stop me rambling on....

"The Mushroom Lane stamps are lovely
 images to colour and so whimisical I wanted
 to give a house to my faerie...

In almost a negative from the card I stamped
 the tags with white ink, for a totally different look.

For the card I stamped the image on white
 cardstock with Memento black dye ink. 
This is the best ink for colouring with 
alcohol pens as alcohol doesn't affect it.

 After colouring I die-cut the image 
for the best fit on my stepper.

I also stamped a few grasses and flowers 
to create a garden for the left of 
my stepper, on a separate piece of card,
 placing a fairy amongst the vegetation. 

I added a subtle glitter accent with a 
Spica pen in lavender to make the wings visible.

I created my side stepper, with an A4 piece
 of cardstock from which I cut 1.7cm off the
 length, keeping the entire width. 
This makes all the measuring easier.

The side stepper folded:

 For the tag, since this is a BIG stamp, 
I layed my 2 tags side by side and
 stamped both at once. 

2 upsides: I get 2 matching but completely 
different tags and I only ink,
 stamp & clean once... 

no, not lazy just keen on efficiency!

Before colouring... I stamped the image 
in white but tried to use the same 
colours as for the card
 (it's the same house after all!)

 For colouring, I only used pencils, 
no solvent, blender or burnishers, 
and yet obtained a very good coverage
 of the coloured cardstock. 

The Coloursoft pencils are very good at 
laying opaque colours quickly without 
need for layers upon layers of pencils."

Thank you for a great project
Craftyfield and such a clear
template too!  Suddenly the
construction of a stepper has
come clear to me!

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


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