Tuesday, 4 July 2017

New in stock

New in stock

Hi Everyone!

I saw these, love them
and thought of you, as
they say!

Claire Jackson provided
the project:

"Today’s post is showcasing 
one of the new products in stock,
the lovely Shadow Box Kits
from Art-C.  i chose this one
to make up for you:

It’s an 8 piece kit made from really
 sturdy masonite, a type of 
hardboard made from steamed
 and pressed wood fibres.

 The pieces are precision cut 
and fit together seamlessly
 and for that reason I decided
 to assemble the box before decorating
 it to keep that perfect fit.

I glued the pieces together with 
Cosmic Shimmer glue which 
is very strong, dries clear
 and can be applied 
in a line with the fine nozzle.

I gave all the pieces a coat of
 Fresco Finish little black dress 
and dried it thoroughly.

Next I gave the outside parts a 
coat of Imagination Crafts
 Rusty Patina in verdigris. 

This is a lovely texture paint
 with a fine gritty finish. 

Be sure to stir the pot well.
 I used a stippling brush to add 
to the textured finish and didn’t 
cover it completely leaving some
 black showing.

With a finger I dabbed Fresco Finish 
old gold paint over the verdigris, 
again leaving patches to show through.

Next cut 5 pieces of card 
for the inside of the box.

 2 pieces 3.8 x 8.8cm,

2 pieces 3.8 x 6.3cm 

and 1 piece 6.3 x 8.8 cm. 

Depending on how thick your 
card is you may have to shave 
off an extra millimetre so
 the pieces can butt up to each
 other closely without buckling. 
Then have fun decorating them.

I started with card coloured with 
Distress Oxides and added some 
scenic stamping in Archival ink. 

I coloured some flower die cuts 
and used the negative to stencil some
 leaves and flowers.

To finish off I added some wooden 
embellishments and a few gems.

Perfect for a small niche or spot 
on a bookcase. 

I chose a countryside diorama
 but the possibilities are endless.

A close up of the diorama"

Materials used:

Archival Ink: watering can
Hobby Art clear stamps: countryside

Such a beautiful project
Claire - thank you. 

I shall have to have
one of these kits I just 
love this kind of thing - 
in fact anything that doesn't 
take up a lot of room.........

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


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