Saturday, 5 November 2016

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Hi there

Today we have the last in our Christmas Countdown
from Dawn Heald:

I have made an Advent Calendar box tower. 
These little boxes can be built into different shapes too, 
like a tree, one full wall of drawers or even just put together 
in sets of three or four and built up the same way as I have done. 
Once you have your build, you can decorate as you like, 
simple or the full works. 
I do hope you try this. 
A layer of just four box drawers with the easel card on top makes a nice gift come greeting.

I used a score board to make mine which adds 
the extra measurement needed for the box slider wrap. 
If you are making this without one add on 2mm or 1/8th of an inch
 to the measurements for the box wrap. 

To make this project.
For the boxes, cut 24 pieces of card to measure 5" x 4". 
Score in 1" on each side. 
Fold along score lines then cut out triangles from the corner squares. 
Glue these tabs and fold up and stick to make the box. 
Cosmic shimmer glue is perfect for box making. 
Grabs straight away, two presses and its dry. 
Repeat for all 24 pieces of card. 
The finished box will measure 2" x 3".

For the wrap/slider that goes around the boxes, 
cut 24 pieces of card to measure 3" x 8". 
Score along the long edge.
 Make sure you fold, crease and burnish each score line
 and butt this folded line against the edge of the board 
before scoring the next line. 
You need to score at 2" fold n butt then score 1" fold n butt,
 then score at 2" fold n butt, then score at 1". 
Repeat for all 24 pieces of card.

Then pop your box onto the wrap, fold up and stick flap into place. 
By doing it this way ensures your box can slide in and out easily.

Next cut 7 pieces of card to measure 5" x 5". 
These will be the foundation and provide a sturdy structure. 

Now build the tower.
 Start with the 5x5 card. 
Glue on 4 boxes around the edge. 
Glue another piece of 5x5 card on top. 
Then continue to build up in the same way till all boxes are used.

Time to decorate. 
I used sprays to colour my card. 
I would have done this before cutting up all the card pieces 
but I changed my mind on the look after making the boxes. 

I used Color Bloom Spray Summer Sky 
and made a lilac one with alchemy wax, 
Dylusions spray and water. 
I edged everything with a blue pro marker. 
Used buttons on the drawer fronts and hand written numbers 
punched out with circle punch and layered on a punched square.

To make my topper I made an Easel card. 
The background paper was from the overspray of the card pieces. 

I used the latest JOFY 48 Xmas stamps 
coloured with Distress inks for the feature, 
and Tando Snowflakes as a stopper, 
organza ribbon, clear gems and Detail sparkle medium for some bling.

Products Used:

Certainly a project to while away the weekend and
get you in the mood for the forthcoming Festivities

Thank you Dawn

Mickie xx


  1. Fabulous Dawn! And so much work making all the boxes... Love the beautiful card too.

  2. Wow! A fantastic project. Well done for making all of your own boxes too.

  3. Lovely advantage calendar Dawn, and something that can be made a bit at a time. So many possibilities for each box too X


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