Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Favourite Songbook

Favourite Songbook

Hallo everyone!

We've reached the last week of November
how scary is that?  Have you even started
your Christmas Cards, bought those
presents, ordered the food............

Here to take your mind off it all with
her Favourite Songbook is

Crafty Field:

Today I am showing a card inspired by the 
Roaring Twenties and Charleston. 

This card is fairly simple to make and there 
aren't many techniques to show you step by step. 
However, I thought you might like to see 

my stamp positioner in action.

I resisted for a long time getting one but 

now I couldn't live without it. 

A stamp positioner comes with a thin 
acrylic sheet and a right angle block. 

With the sheet abutted to the right angle, 
stamp your motif on the sheet so that the
 edge of your wooden or acrylic block 
touches the bottom and left edges of the block.

You can now find the perfect position for your stamp 
by moving the transparent sheet over your page.

When you have the placement, get the 
right angle tool back around the transparent sheet 
as shown in the picture.

Take away the sheet being careful not to move 
the right angle block and stamp the motif on your card

This is how I stamped the flower all around the card 

for an Art Deco feel as well as the ladies!

I coloured the flowers with a red marker 

and a gold gel pen.

For the ladies I used Inktense pencils.


Thank you for showing us the
Stamp Positioner .............
Maybe another one for the
Christmas Stocking?........

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Great card, love it and thanks for showing us how you achieved a difficult layout. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. A lovely elegant design where precision is so important. Beautifully done xx

  3. Gorgeous card! Love the colourful border and the fab main image! xxx

  4. A very 'classy' looking card, gorgeous X


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