Thursday, 17 November 2016



Hi there!

You need to get comfy and maybe
brew a nice cuppa too

This tutorial from Crafty Field
requires a little concentration - 
not, I hasten to add, because it is
difficult but because it is full
of brilliant ideas

Read on..

Batch making Christmas cards is a good idea 
if you want to make lots of cards in a minimum time.
 It also saves on supplies and I am a thrifty crafter, 
however, I don't like making lots and lots of similar cards, 
I get bored easily... Hence my idea... 

I bought Tando Mini Snowflakes 
thinking how I could use them in different ways. 

First I pushed each Snowflake through and obtained a stencil, 
which is actually the "waste" part. 

Using 2 shades of Color Bloom sprayed
 on a piece of watercolour paper.

 The Color Bloom sprays are very good 
to give a good definition as the spray is very fine 
and so dries quicker instead of spreading, 
especially underneath the stencil. 

However, as this makeshift stencil is a lot thicker 
than the usual plastic ones, I really needed to spray 
from above rather than from the side. 
Still I can live with blurry snowflakes...

 Secondly I did the opposite by spraying the 
Color Blooms over the Snowflake shapes themselves.

 In a twofer (2 for one) I now have a background 
and some coloured snowflakes!

 Once dried this is what they look like

 Next I thought of using my stencil as an embossing plate. 
It is important when doing this to create the appropriate sandwich, 
starting with what your machine recommends for embossing folders.
 From there add shims until you get enough pressure.

For an even more detailed embossing, I placed the Snowflakes 
on top of the holes where they used to be, but over the embossed card. 
[This mimics what an embossing folder does] 

In the photo, the Tan thing with Snowflake outlines is my embossing mat 
which has taken some of the "dust" from the laser cutting off the snowflakes.

 A bit of Treasure Gold to highlight the texture....

Finally as embellishment I tried molding additional snowflakes
 by pushing some paper clay through the stencil. 

This experiment wasn't entirely successful so 
I wouldn't recommend it unless you're as stubborn as I am! 

3 shapes made the cut (just) and I rubbed them with Treasure Gold. 

A sentiment die-cut from gold paper finishes the card.

There you have it Snowflakes 4 ways!

And now I can make a few more cards with the 
results of this experiment AND I still have all of the 
Snowflakes to play with. 

What a bargain was that!

 The finished card

Thank you Crafty Field 

I'm off to make a batch of cards.........

See you all again tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Hi my Crafty friend, great tutorial and a lovely finished card. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  2. Fab tutorial, love the embossed snowflakes will give this a go with my pack of mini leaves xx

  3. Great tutorial for getting every bit of value out of your stash xxx

  4. Great ideas for making a little go a longer way!


  5. So cool and so many tips, thank you! xxx


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