Friday, 10 March 2017

Bag It

Bag It

Hallo everyone!

I have decided that one cannot
have too many of these bags.
They seem to make even the
most mundane items look as
though a special purchase
has been made

Here's Hazel Harler with her
gorgeous bag 

"This is my decorated bag using the So Soft fabric paints

I started by putting a piece of corrugated card 
inside the bag, this was to give me a firm surface 
to work on and stop the paint from going through
 to the other side of the bag. 

Sorry about the photo, I didn't realise that the 
shutters on my camera hadn't opened properly.

I used a sponge the add the paint.

 I mounted some small Gelli plates onto 
acrylic blocks and used them like stamps 
to add the colour,

 I must admit that I like this and wonder 
if I should have stopped there.

Then used a sponge to stencil the paint onto the bag.

I stencilled some flowers.

I used some indian ink markers to give 
the flowers a bit more definition

I also added some white dots here and there"

Thank you Hazel, that
really is a versatile design

I'm thinking that you could stop
at any of the stages and still
have a stunning bag.  I would
go so far as to say that you could
make a series of bags and stop
the decoration of each one at
the end of the different stages

That'll be the birthdays sorted for this year then....

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. This is gorgeous and I agree you could stop at any of the stages and still have a lovely bag.


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