Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wishing Well

Wishing Well

Hallo Everyone

Today I'm back with 
Brushos Part Three
This will definitely be the final part
for our Wishing Well

Who would have thought that
one product could give so much?

Helen Chilton is back again too
and here she is to fuel your
creative juices........

"Brushos Straw Blowing backgrounds
Drop clean water onto card.

 shake in some Brushos

blow water droplets through straw. 
Repeat with more colours as you wish.

finished background.

Straw Blowing backgrounds with mica powder
same as before but before using straw, 
drop in some mica powder - 

look at that shimmer!

Brushos and mica spray
you don't have to use water to activate the Brushos. 
 Bear in mind the colour you're using - 
lighter ones work best.

Once again a shimmery finish.

Stencilling with dry Brushos
rub Brushos dry onto card.

I tend to work in blocks of colour.

 place stencil over top and rub over with baby wipe.

this produces a much more controlled finish

Try spritzing over the top and then blotting

This time rub the dry Brushos through the stencil

and activate with a baby wipe.

here is the result

Stamping into dry Brusho:
rub in your Brushos as before.

stamp into with VersaMark

spritz over top and then blot - 
the VersaMark image remains

prepare background as before and spritz stamp with water.

The water reacts with Brushos to create an image

Here are some Projects using the
techniques I have shown you

Project 1: Stencilling with Brushos.

Project 2: Flipping stencil and stamping off.

Project 3: Close colouring with white embossing.

Project 4: Straw blowing background and
 stamping with Brushos.

Project 5: Mica straw blowing background. 
Pumpkin on acetate with 
mica powder on back."

Three cheers for Helen!
Come on Everybody.....
Hip Hip....

Thank you Helen

Did you enjoy that?  
certainly did.

Do show Helen some love
and leave a comment
it is no more than she deserves

Before I go, just a reminder 
not to forget the Blog Candy
There is just one week left
before the link closes

'Till Tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. Well done Helen....great projects. Think I need to use my brushos more!!

  2. Hip hip hooray indeed...fab play and results thanks for sharing Helen. Such cool powders xx

  3. Thank you Helen, I've only just bought some brushos so I'm lovin your posts!

  4. Great techniques thank you = must put drinking straws on my shopping list now ;) x

  5. Fabulous ideas, thank you so much! I need to try the drinking straw technique - it looks so cool! Am off to find Brusho part two, I missed it! xxx

  6. I know, I've seen Helen in action and she's so good with these powders! Her imagination has no limits and her sense of colour is second to none.
    This has been a brilliant series, thanks Helen!

  7. I must get my Brushos out and see if I can do a tenth as well as this.

  8. So much fun!!!! Happy crafting everyone xXx


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