Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bag It

Bag It

Hallo Everyone!

How're you today?  Well
I hope and having a great

Not sure I'm full of the 
joys of spring but today's
project brought to us by
Craftyfield might have
a lot to do with it!

"Since last year's introduction of the plastic 
bag charge in the UK I make sure I always have
 a bag with me, preferably one that is light 
and that I can fold and shove in my handbag. 

A crafting opportunity... 

As this is my first time using So Soft paint, 
I decided to put it through its paces and 
test several ways of using it: 
as a wash (like watercolour), to stencil with, and to stamp with.

This is the bag before transformation. 

To prepare it for colour, I have ironed it and
 inserted a rigid piece of cardboard with some paper
 on top to absorb any excess water or paint seeping 
on the wrong side.

 I also masked out the area of my painting.

The So Soft paints are quite pigmented so for my sky 
I have prepared a mix of Mediterranean Blue paint and water 
in a small container and brushed some water on 
what will be my sky.

 As I go down the fabric I add more water
 to the mix fading the blue to (almost) nothing.

 I have repeated the process with green for the grass 
and lastly in the middle with the Buttermilk.

 Next I used a small sponge to stencil circles
 with So Soft paint using a DIY stencil. 

These will be my flower heads.

To stamp my flowers I used Brilliance ink in Graphite Black. 
I tested on a separate piece of fabric and found
 that Versafine and Archival stamped equally well,
 but not better than Brilliance, and I find 
easier to wash Brilliance off from the stamps... 

To make sure the ink was wet enough 
I topped it up with the re-inker before starting.

 Here I'm using 2 of the smaller flowers from the 
stamp set as a filler.

 A small piece of plastic packaging serves as a 
palette(bottom right) and I have spread paint thinly on it.

Now for the stencilling.... Again I'm using my DIY stencil, 
the distressed diamonds have been die-cut with 
the Mixed Media Thinlits set.

 I mixed Buttermilk and Dark Burgundy paints 
to get the pink I was after.

And finally a close up taken in natural light. 

I still have the reverse unpainted so I can have more crafty fun!

I liked the So Soft paint very much, as it is easy to use
compared to traditional fabric paints and they are
 indeed soft, which might not seem like a big thing 
for a bag but, as I said, this one will spend its life folded
 in my handbag so cracked paint is out of the question!"

Cotton bag natural:
So Soft paints:
Paper Artsy EKC02:
Brilliance Dew Drop inkpad in Graphite black:
Brilliance ink reinker in Graphite black: 

Thank you Craftyfield for your beautiful bag
Love the depth of shading you have achieved

These paints really do work well, although I never
thought of adding water to them and using as a wash.  
That was a masterstroke.

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx


  1. A fabulous project - love the great design.
    Kath x

  2. Such a lovely bag...I am sure you will get lots of comments where you bought it.....people will be amazed when you say you painted it! Great work x

  3. Lovely bag and a great design. I have not tried these paints as I too was put off by cracking paint on projects that you've spent time on making..... Looks like I will have to give these a whirl. X

  4. What a lovely project, the bag is unique and a lovely way to show off those stamps. x

  5. Oh my word, these paints look fabulous!! Craftyfield is such an enabler ... I just had to order a bunch! ;)
    Can't wait to have a go with them! LOVE your bag!! xx

  6. Love what you've done to this bag. Thanks for sharing how it was achieved x


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